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Bringing in 2018 with Full-On Gratitude

This blog discusses a topic that I found really useful in 2017, almost life-changing. And now that I am aware of how powerful gratitude is, I use gratitude as a practice for healing and finding calm in my crazy days! Whether it is professional or personal, when I use gratitude as a tool for establishing a healthy mindset, life just gets better. Let’s make the shift in 2018… WHAT: Bringing in the New Year with gratitude can be refreshing, soothing and a hopeful way to start anew! WHY: Findi...Read More

So, Maybe I Don’t Have It All Together…

So, maybe I don’t have it all together… Boom. Boom. Boom. The sound of little feet running through the room. “Walking feet,” I automatically shout. “Do we have more paper?” “Where are the scissors?” “Ms. Lexi, Ms. LEXI!” These sounds surround me. The Issue I don’t always answer every question correctly. I often forget to buy more paper. And, I can’t hold twenty conversations at the same time (despite my kids’ best efforts to help me with that). But today I am choosing to be thankful that I don’t...Read More

Ode to Site Supervisors

I began to reflect on my career and realized that my days as a site coordinator have been the most defining and empowering. I dare say that this experience, as a site coordinator, prepared me for the biggest challenges of not only my career… but my life. So, I have written this ode, in honor of the site coordinator… The one who is a part time employee with a full time attitude. The one who has survived the bullets of lock downs and who also rose to the occasion to help supervise 1400...Read More