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Are you looking for FREE educational downloads to use with your students, staff, and families and a meaningful way to build capacity? Our growing e-boost Downloads Library offers content that you can easily access and implement.
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Professional Development Reflection & Action Planning Downloads

We have created several documents to support your learning and to help you be accountable, reflective, and gain perspective in your learning process. Give yourself a metacognitive boost and create an action plan to apply your learning experience implementation.

BOOST Conference Professional Development & Volunteer Tracker – The BOOST Conference Professional Development & Volunteer Tracker offers attendees an easy-to-complete accountability tool to track your learning and/or your volunteer hours throughout the BOOST Conference.

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Visit the BOOST Collaborative YouTube channel (subscribe to our channel and receive notifications when we upload new content). Watch a video (we have over 100 educational videos!) and complete this PD tracker. Recommendation: If applicable, when the facilitator puts participants into a breakout room, stop the video, and have a discussion with your colleagues. Start the video again.

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Visit the BOOST Breakfast Club Blog and search for a topic of interest. After reading and commenting on the blog, complete this PD tracker.

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This comprehensive Professional Development Plan allows you to plan and track your BOOST Training experience and supports your development as an educator. Strengthen your knowledge and your team to be equipped and inspired to thrive in their classrooms and programs.

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Downloads to Use with Your Students

We have created several downloadable documents to support your online teaching and social-emotion learning. Give your students an SEL BOOST!

30 Story Starters for Students (Images)- download PowerPoint slides showcasing 30 images to use as story starter prompts with your students. Inspire fun and creative learning, writing, and storytelling.

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101 Conversation Starters for Students – Connect with your students on a deeper level. This PowerPoint Deck features 101 Conversation Starters to use as prompts during morning huddles or brain breaks.

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Facilitation Tools & Resources

Virtual BOOST Countdown Cards – Need help as a timekeeper? Wanting to support your speaker or students to stay on track? Looking for countdown cards for your students when giving them directions or prompts? Download our virtual BOOST Countdown Cards to use in-person or virtually to help manage timing and pacing in your classroom or training.

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Virtual BOOSTer Cards – Give your colleagues or students a BOOST! Cheer them on with digital BOOST vibes during virtual teaching and training or have your students or colleagues use these to encourage caring and community with each other.

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Virtual BOOST Messages – Help your students or colleagues stay engaged during online learning. Are you tired of saying “unmute” or “raise your hand” while teaching or meeting online? Download these fun cards and increase participation and engagement.

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Promising Practices for Virtual Speakers & Facilitators – This guide is the ultimate go-to resource to support your virtual training and teaching. This one-page tool provides you with the best implementation practices in three categories: Tech Tips, Enhancing the Participant Experience, and Content Promising Practices.

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Additional e-boost Downloads

BOOST Cafe Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun activity and orientation on how to use the BOOST Cafe to enhance your professional development and become familiar with the Online Training & Learning Community.

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Brunch with BOOST & Friends Recipe Book (2015) – Download our recipe book with favorites from BOOST Leadership Team, Bloggers, and Partners. We can’t wait to see what you are cooking up! Enjoy!

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