BOOST Boot Camp

BOOST Boot Camp Series & Certificate Program

Preparing your staff with the necessary tools to be effective in supporting children, families, and communities is essential. The BOOST Boot Camp series offers customized training including valuable tips, tools, and resources to support staff to be successful in serving ALL children, youth, families, and communities. All training sessions embed SEL strategies and practices to benefit the whole child. Staff will leave equipped and inspired to thrive in their programs. Certificates available upon completion.

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Facilitator: Tia Quinn, Founder & CEO, BOOST Collaborative

#SEL4ALL (2 hours)

Become familiar with SEL core competencies to provide you and your team with a frame of reference as you begin to reflect on strengths and opportunities for growth and better outcomes for both you and your students.

Asset Development (2 Hours)

The Developmental Assets® are 40 research-based, positive qualities that influence young people’s development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults. This session will focus on external assets (the relationships and opportunities they need in their families, schools, and communities) and internal assets (social-emotional strengths, values, and commitments) to nurture our young people.

Better Behavior (2.5 hours)

Establish clear behavioral expectations based on prevention rather than punishment to shift student behavior and create better outcomes. Go back to your program with proven strategies and techniques to praise and reward students, reinforce positive behaviors, and increase the success of all students.

Classroom & Program Management (2.5 hours)

Learn strategies to establish program climate and culture, create a routine of clear expectations, policies, and procedures. Create an environment of cooperation, accountability, consistency, respect, success, and learning in your program.

A Positive Place- The Hybrid Model (5 hours)

This in-depth workshop combines Classroom & Program Management and Better Behavior sessions.

Homework Helpers (1.5 hours)

Learn to identify roadblocks and discover tools and strategies to help make homework time manageable and productive for all of your students. Make homework time fun, engaging, and set your students up for success.

Energizers, Icebreakers, and Team Builders, Part 1 (2 Hours)

Whether you are teaching a class or hosting a meeting, icebreakers and energizers can set the tone, focus participant’s attention, strengthen a team, and establish a community.

Energizers, Icebreakers, and Team Builders, Part 2 (2 Hours)

Part 2- Whether you are teaching a class or hosting a meeting, icebreakers and energizers can set the tone, focus participant’s attention, strengthen a team, and establish a community.

Creative Youth Development- Art is Everywhere (2 Hours)

Uncover how to put away the coloring sheets and learn how to create simple and creative art projects that “wow” while exploring, creating, and taking your imagination to the next level.

Project-Based Learning (2 Hours)

Solving highly complex problems requires that students have both fundamental skills (reading, writing, and math) and 21st Century skills (teamwork, problem-solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, utilizing high tech tools). This hands-on workshop will allow participants to use the combination of these skills to become directors of their own learning process, and how to guide their students through the process.

Teaching & Connecting in a Virtual World (2 hours)

Learn strategies and techniques to build meaningful connections with your students and enrich learning and engagement.

BOOST Cafe Scavenger Hunt & Orientation (1 hour)

This session will provide participants with an overview and orientation of the BOOST Cafe and Online Training & Learning Community through a fun online scavenger hunt. Learn ways to enhance your professional development, access thousands of free resources, post a job, and meet like-minded colleagues in our learning forum.

BOOST Cafe is the most comprehensive online community for in and out-of-school time educators. The BOOST Cafe is an extension of the BOOST Collaborative and provides no-cost resources to support our community with relevant, timely, and easy-to-implement tools and resources.

Civic Engagement & Leadership (1.5 hours)

Learn to create meaningful opportunities for youth to make a difference, how to build youth-adult partnerships to support engagement, promote youth leadership, and how to build a better community.

4Cs: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking (1.5 hours)

These four 21st Century skills are essential for our students to succeed in school and the workplace. Learn to become more intentional and purposeful about critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity as competencies our young people willfully possess by the time they graduate from their K-12 education.

Dream Manager 101 (1.5 hours)

Learn a unique way to investigate what really drives your employees and you might be surprised that it is not a bigger paycheck or title, but rather the fulfillment of their personal dreams. We will explore the dynamic collaboration that is unleashed when people work together to achieve company objectives and personal dreams. We will also explore how we can incorporate The Dream Manager concept with our students to help them reach their potential. What’s your dream?

Creating Leadership Roles (and Jobs!) for Students (2 hours)

Offering leadership opportunities for students teaches them responsibility, gives them pride in a job well done, promotes positive behavior, and helps to contribute and build community. Learn how to create, design, and implement kid-friendly jobs, conduct interviews, offer incentives, and empower your students.

Creating Surveys, Focus Groups, and Youth Advisory Boards (2 hours)

This session is an extension of Empower, Engage, Enroll and provides hands-on strategies to create surveys and focus groups, and youth-led advisory boards to better understand the youth you serve, create leadership opportunities, and provide a positive, engaged youth-led culture.   

Empower, Engage, Enroll (1.5 hours)

Join this interactive workshop and discover proven strategies to motivate older youth to connect and engage with your program and make it their own. Learn how to understand youth culture, ideas for specialized youth programming, and sustained youth participation.

Youth Voice & Leadership (2 hours)

Create authentic relationships and meaningful ways to partner with youth, build leadership skills, and encourage youth voice and expression. Learn how to create opportunities for choice, engagement, and ways to plan, implement, and evaluate program activities through skill-building activities.

Prevention Path: A 4-Part Series on Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health (4 hours) 

This series provides strategies and activities that support the overall health and well-being of youth to live a healthy and productive life.

Belonging in OST Programs (2 hours)

Learn how to create belonging and build a strong sense of community in your OST program. This session will cover the components of belonging and how to create an increased sense of meaning, authenticity, and connection to purpose both with our students and each other.

DEI- It Starts with Us (2 hours)

This session will provide knowledge and activities to create a program that respects differences, develops an inclusive environment, and ensures your program is accessible to everyone. Topics covered include equity vs equality, awareness, unconscious bias (or implicit bias), cultural sensitivity, and skills-based diversity including inclusive communication and empathy.

Teaching Tolerance (2 hours)

In this session, we will assess how we are promoting diversity, access, equity, and inclusion in our programs as well as how we are supporting our youth to have opportunities to explore, share, and celebrate their culture with others.

Communication 101 (2 Hours)

Effective communication is vital for the success of a strong team. Learn interpersonal skills to improve your communication in writing, face-to-face/online conversations, and in meetings or presentations. Discover new ways to communicate clearly, effectively, and empower you in your role.

Communication 201 (2 hours)

In this session, we take a deeper dive and learn hands-on strategies to support becoming effective communicators. Empower yourself, your colleagues, expand your value as a leader, and increase collaboration amongst your team.

FISH Philosophy & Leadership, Part 1 (2 Hours)

Create new possibilities in your organization and reinvent what the experience at work could be. Learn the set of 4 simple, interconnected principles that are the foundation of FISH- Play, Be There, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude! Join this interactive, hands-on workshop, and learn to motivate your team, increase engagement, how to show up as a leader, and be World Famous!

FISH Philosophy & Leadership: Becoming World Famous, Part 2 (3 Hours)

This session is an extension of FISH Philosophy & Leadership, Part 1, and dives deeper into our job roles and responsibilities. Through interactive, hands-on ideation, team members reflect on ideas and concepts that take their role from compliance to innovation…and learn ways to become world-famous in their work.

Leadership 2.0 (2 hours)

In this session we take a deeper dive into our leadership abilities, define what essential skills we need to succeed as leaders, and how these leadership competencies show up in our programs.

Leadership Development (3 hours)

Discover the leader within you!  This hands-on, interactive session will help you develop skills as a leader and inspire others. Learn how to expand your skills as an effective leader and develop a culture of leadership.

Leadership Development: Lead with Love (2 hours)

This workshop will help you recognize how to lead teams with love and discover what you can do to serve yourself and others as you lead. Participants will reflect and interact in a variety of activities including assessing their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Professionalism & Leadership (3 hours)

How do you show up for yourself and your team? In this interactive session, we will determine what it means to be an after school/expanded learning professional, how we want to brand ourselves in the workplace, and discuss promising practices to be accountable as a leader.

Culture Club (2 hours)

Increase employee engagement and enhance your company culture by doing a culture check-up and remedy new ways to improve your company and team’s existing culture. Improve teamwork, leadership, and engagement, and create a connected team.

What’s Our Mission & Vision? (1.5 hours) 

Developing unique mission and vision statements help your organization or program focus on what is really significant and remind us what is important in our work. Learn how to create a common purpose with your team grounded in community beliefs and values.

Building Partnerships That Last (2 hours)

There is tremendous power in establishing partnerships between schools, expanded learning programs, and local community organizations. Community partners can make a huge impact on students and your program while meeting the needs of recruiting youth, increasing attendance, and contributing volunteers, and other valuable resources. Learn how to identify, connect, create, and cultivate community partners to take your program to the next level.

No Family Left Behind (2 hours)

This workshop will explore simple steps to help participants learn how to collaborate with families and partner with them as stakeholders to best support their children. Enhance your relationships, leave challenging situations behind, and increase family engagement in your program.

The Principal’s Principles (1.5 hours)

Discover new ways to collaborate with your school Principal and create a positive, authentic working relationship that benefits your students and your program. Learn how to create intentional means of communication and foster valuable collaboration and program success.

Quality Counts! (3 hours)

This cooperative learning workshop focuses on active participation in the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process to achieve high-quality programs at the programmatic, staff, and participant level. Participants will assess, plan, and improve the current state of their program, share promising practices, and create a plan to effectively increase the quality of their program.


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Online courses designed to help manage day-to-day procedures and operations, BOOST your business, and set up your teams for success. Learn practical skills to lead a team, gain a fresh set of ideas, mindset, and leadership skills to guide your organization to the next level.

Culture Club (4 weeks)

Increase employee engagement and enhance your company culture by doing a culture check-up and remedy new ways to improve your company’s existing culture. Improve teamwork, leadership, engagement, and a connected team.
Team of Two (must be from the same company/organization)
*Includes one-hour individual coaching session (per person or team)

How to Create an Operations Manual (6 weeks)

An Operations Manual is an essential piece of any company. It describes WHAT you do, HOW you do it, WHY you do it, and the team members ACCOUNTABLE for each aspect of your company. This 6-week course will walk you through the steps of creating in-depth content for every single aspect of your company procedures and participants will walk away with a comprehensive guide to navigating each aspect of your company’s operations.
Team of Two (must be from the same company/organization)
*Includes one-hour individual coaching session (per person or team)

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