Online Film Festival


BOOST offers film-based programming that inspires positive action, personal revelation, and social change for all ages. We provide social-emotional learning experiences that have a long and lasting measurable impact. Our social-impact, film-based programs, and accompanying live panel discussions, activities, resources, tips, and tools provide you with content, inspiration, and instruction to achieve a positive outcome in your classroom and programs.

You and your team are invited to be a part of our monthly Online BOOST Film Festival.
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Film Festival Screening Dates & Schedule 

Upcoming dates TBA

Film Festival Seasons & Schedule 
Spring Film Festival 2021

February- To Be Announced
March- To Be Announced
April- To Be Announced

Summer Film Festival 2021

May- To Be Announced
June- To Be Announced
July- To Be Announced

Fall Film Festival 2021 

August- To Be Announced
September- To Be Announced
October- To Be Announced

Past Films

Winter Film Festival 2020 (Mental Health Trilogy)
November- LIKE
December- Angst
January- The Upstanders