BOOST Virtual Calming Room

Welcome. The BOOST Virtual Calming Room is a safe place to chill out and reconnect with yourself as well as find mindfulness tools, resources, and strategies for self-care, managing emotions, and feelings, and building resilience.

Disclaimer- These resources are for educational purposes and are not intended to substitute the support and treatment of a mental health professional.

BOOST Therapy Wall

Click on the image to access our BOOST Therapy Wall. The Padlet includes prompts for you to share your thoughts around specific topics. Check back often to see what new prompts are added.

Coloring & Creativity

Click the image above to print out the BOOST Coloring Book

Sounds & Music




Ocean Waves

Visual Relaxation

Floating Lights


Sensory Visual


Visit our friends at The Meditation Initiative for tools and resources for children, adults, and seniors to help prevent stress and anxiety, improve focus and attention, and share tools for anger management while improving overall mental and emotional health and well-being.

Puzzles & Games

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Virtual Calming Room Contact

Questions about our Virtual Calming Room or looking to add a mindful resource? For more information, please contact:

Program Coordinator
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