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Webinar 2: How to Inspire Youth Giving

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to author @jillgordon for sharing the second of four of Youth Philanthropy’s webinar series. Today’s post focuses on youth philanthropy models that can be implemented in your program too!  Click on the webinar link below “How to Inspire Youth Giving” for the full program.  And, keep your eyes open in March for the next special webinar from Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana.

The Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII) created a 4-part webinar series in 2016 to promote next-gen giving and youth engagement. These enlightening sessions featured local and national experts on the topics of service learning and project-based volunteerism, youth grantmaking, youth leadership, and tips for engaging youth in philanthropy.

Explore how you can inspire youth to share their time, talent, and treasure within your communities and out-of-school programs. The “How to Inspire Youth Giving” webinar features two Indiana speakers,  Jerry Finn, Executive Director of the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County and Eric Hessel, Program Officer at the Hendricks County Community Foundation. These two knowledgeable (and fun) professionals have years of experience as community grantmakers, youth philanthropy advocates, and former youth philanthropists. Listen to the “How to Inspire Youth Giving” webinar to learn how you can inspire personal youth giving, explore group consensus activities, and hear stories of impactful youth grantmaking.  Additional slides and resources are provided to help you continue on this journey of youth giving.

The Youth Philanthropy and Next-Gen webinar series incorporate the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana’s 4-Pillar Youth Philanthropy Model of serving, giving, leading, and engaging to explain the progression youth take from caring within their families to engaging others in their communities. Participants of youth-serving organizations will receive real-world examples and resources they can integrate into their out-of-school learning time.

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Author: @jillgordon

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