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3 Family Engagement Resources to Try this Month

Community gatherings, potlucks, and school parties are great opportunities to re-engage the caregivers, older siblings, and families that your program supports year-round. These events, in addition to being fun and light-hearted, can build protective and supportive factors for families and children experiencing adversity. The benefit of out-of-school time goes beyond the social-emotional to the physical needs of families. According to the Afterschool Alliance, more than 4 in 5 parents in communi...Read More

Join The Largest Global Convening For After School, Expanded Learning, And Out-of-School-Time Professionals

The BOOST Conference is the largest, most recognized, and comprehensive global convening for after school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time professionals. Set in a retreat-like atmosphere in Palm Springs, CA, this extraordinary annual event will rejuvenate your passion, boost your creativity for quality programming, and provide tools and resources that will inspire you to create change. We invite you to join us, and 2,500 global educators April 30-May 3, 2019 to inspire youth, inspire l...Read More

Three Lessons from Practitioners in the Field of Expanded Learning

This past month I had the opportunity to attend the Site Coordinator Symposium by the California AfterSchool Network hosted at the historic Queen Mary ship in Long Beach. This two-and-a-half-day event hosted 500 practitioners from the field of Expanded Learning programs in California, with the majority of them being Site Coordinators from across the state. I wanted to share the three takeaways that stood out the most for me that had heart & meaning and reinforced my two-decade experience in ...Read More

Knowing My Why Is The Root Of My Success

In 2008, I got the courage to start my own professional development company. I have been designing my purpose for this company for the last 11 years. “Dignity of Children believes that all children are born with inherent dignity. They have a right to be loved, nurtured, and valued. Children and youth deserve to be kept safe. They are entitled to a proper education. Children thrive when adults understand their developmental needs, recognize their strengths, and foster their resilience. To evoke t...Read More

Transformation: It’s Time For Personal Change

As we look ahead to imagine what this new year will bring it reminds us that we have an opportunity to change course or dream bigger. The year ahead provides space for transformation. Many people begin the first 30 days with resolutions to tackle. What if, instead of a list of resolutions, we made a commitment to do one thing that would be such a game changer that it would ultimately change the course of our future? In 2016, I tackled something new and challenging each month. A few months ago, s...Read More

Award-Winning Events and Services by BOOST

It was a celebratory summer for TEAMBOOST! We are proud to announce that BOOST received two awards recognizing our leadership in Professional Development and Training for educators. The BOOST Conference received the 2018 CEO World Awards Best Live Event – Training or Technical Event and BOOST Collaborative was recognized with the Global Business Insight Award for Excellence in Professional Development Services. The coveted annual CEO World Awards program encompasses the world’s best in leadershi...Read More

Ode to the Expanded Learning Technical Assistance Provider

 Editor’s Note: Inspired by the original Ode to the Site Coordinator tribute by @diegoarancibia, today’s blog from Breakfast Club blogger @brunomarchesi is dedicated to the Technical Assistance (TA) Provider. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ With much respect & appreciation for the Ode to the Site Coordinator from my brother, Diego Arancibia, that served as an inspiration for these words… — The one who’s work...Read More

It’s Time for Change! A Reflection of a Courageous Youth Workers Journey

Has this happened to you? You have been creating content, developing new ideas and working for others, for years and years? Well, it happened to me and I am done! Not that I am not hyper-aware that I owe much of my skill sets to former and current colleagues, strong (and not so strong) leadership styles, and other professional development experiences I have been fortunate enough to participate in. However… as of last month, I am self-employed, taking the risk, going out on my own and could...Read More

Countdown to BOOST! 5 Ways to Get Ready for the BOOST Conference

Every year, professionals in the field of expanded learning come together to share ideas and best practices, get inspired, and connect with others who share a similar passion. This magical experience is BOOST! It is one of a kind. I wish I could bottle up the energy. Regardless if you’ve never attended, or attend each year, here are a few strategies you might consider to optimize your BOOST experience.   1. Be Informed Review the workshop sessions and Inspiration Stations beforehand a...Read More

More Than 5 Smart Ideas for Professional Development on a Shoestring Budget

Last week I received an email about an upcoming staff development opportunity for my team.  It sounded so good.  It met our goals, it spoke directly to our growth areas, it was what staff were asking for… and then I saw the price.  $7,500!  YIKES!  That is pretty much all of the staff development budget for the year, and then some.  I have always found it a fine line to walk, to be able to provide the quality and quantity of staff development opportunities for my team and still maintaining the b...Read More

Not Your Mother’s Meeting (PT 2)

Welcome back to Part 2 of Not Your Mother’s Meeting!  If you missed Part 1, click here to catch up!  Breakfast Club Blogger @jillgordon provides excellent inclusionary meeting ideas in order to create more participation and engagement for your staff. Enjoy! Make the Meeting Participatory Gain greater participation by posing three questions or next steps to the meeting participants.  For small group discussions, try using small dry erase boards to generate ideas and questions.  They are ext...Read More

BOOST 2018 Workshop RFPs due 10/31

BOOST requests workshop proposals that support and highlight trends, innovative research, and promising practices to support quality out-of-school time programs. The deadline to submit a workshop proposal for BOOST 2018 is Tuesday, October 31, at 5 pm PST. Any proposals submitted after this date will go on a waiting list. To submit a proposal, visit the BOOST Conference website and click on the blue button to start the application process. Every year the BOOST Conference offers a variety of work...Read More