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Hanging in the BOOST Live Podcast Lounge

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My drive to work definitely changed this year. With my kids Zooming from home, I was all alone on the daily commute—no need for our “Drive to School” playlist, seasonal playlist, or our Disney sing-a-long. I took the opportunity to use my car time to wisely—PODCASTS.

Over the past year I delved into the stock market with Snacks Daily (okay, I did originally think the podcast was about snacks – not snack size stock tips – but hey, it’s still a good podcast). I improved my running technique with Ali on the Run, I reminded myself to Eat The Dang Cookie, and I found new inspiration from my work’s podcast Shine.

But the highlight of my pandemic podcast adventures was BOOST’s Podcast Lounge. Spending time listening to the best and the brightest in the out-of-school and youth development field was an A+ experience.

The lounge kicked off with Brooke and Ashley from the Spark Initiative. Hearing their stories on the podcast Find Your Spark about working with youth in detention centers, helping them to find their spark, was inspiring.

Next up, Jeff Poulin of Creative Generation and the Why Change podcast chatted with DeLashea Strawder from Detroit’s Mosaic Youth Theatre. Their conversation about bringing creativity to youth through theater really showed how youth development and theatre programs can impact the lives of youth.

Making Afterschool Cool, the podcast from CASE for Kids facilitated by Michael Wilson, gave me a lot to think about as we discussed Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice.

The afternoon continued to amaze. The CARMA Chronicles recent keynote speaker, Dr. Shawn Ginwright of Flourish Agenda, touched my heart as he discussed the value of Healing Centered Engagement.

And the afternoon continued to go up from there with the team from High 5 Adventure Learning Center and their podcast, Vertical Play Pen. They shared their best practices in virtual facilitation and transitioning back to in-person events.

The lounge closed out with the team from #IAmImpact. The stories of what inspires them to do their work, to have an impact, was a terrific way to wrap up a wonderful listening experience.

For me, the BOOST Podcast Lounge was not just a great way to pass some time, but also got me thinking about how to use new media to support staff development. I have enjoyed sharing the resources and podcasts from the Lounge contributors with my team.

To sum it up, the BOOST Podcast Lounge was a vibe, and I look forward to hanging in there again next year.

(You can get more info about the above podcasts, and more, on the Podcasts We Love page on BOOST Cafe.)

For breakfast I had loaded oatmeal, a Snickers crunchy peanut butter bar, and plenty of coffee.

Author: @eppispeppy

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