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Join the 2021/22 BOOST Leadership Team

BLT members happily work together at volunteer check-in

The BOOST Leadership Team is critically important to the success and impact of the BOOST Conference. This amazing team provides big ideas, new connections, practical strategies while adding credibility to the planning and execution process. This comprehensive Leadership Team represents the diversity of after school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time programs and includes representatives serving at all levels of the field. We are a quality conference truly planned by dedicated (and fun) after school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time professionals, adding voice and value to the needs of the field. Apply to join us today!

What is the BOOST Leadership Team?

The BOOST Leadership Team, otherwise known as the BLT, is the true heart of the BOOST experience. The dedication to making the #boostconference a special, high-quality, engaging, and FUN learning experience is why our 2,500 global attendees, speakers, and exhibitors leave inspired and equipped with the latest trends and resources- and why they keep coming back.

The BLT meets in-person once per month in Southern California to strategize, ideate, and execute an innovative conference program that benefits all levels of educators and more than anything, make learning stimulating.

Individually the BLT is a smart, dedicated, passionate team of educators that are connected to the field. Together, we are family, powerful, and change agents redefining leadership in out-of-school time.

What does the BLT do all year? What do you do at the conference?

BLT Member Referees Duck RacesThe BLT consists of about 12-15 members each year that start planning in late July/early August for the next BOOST Conference and commit to monthly meetings through our debrief meeting in May. In January another handful of Implementation Team members join in, and then finally on site, starting the Monday of conference week, our group of volunteers quickly doubles in size.

During our monthly meetings, we focus on having an experience that is relevant, innovative, and engaging for all BOOST participants. Our meetings are held throughout Southern California, hosted at sites where BLT members work.

BLT members help coordinate and provide support on site for many of the aspects of the conference including (but definitely not limited to):

The months, weeks, and days leading up to BOOST are concentrated on ensuring that our conference attendees and exhibitors have a life-changing experience. On-site at the conference, the BLT is busy behind-the-scenes taking care of every detail like a well-oiled machine. We love creating this experience and community year after year.

As longtime BLT’er Becky Shultz puts it, “No other group works or plays so hard to make sure that each year’s conference is the best that there is in the field. Together we BOOST our students and our communities!”

Who is part of the BLT?

BLT members work conference check-inOne of the most amazing things about being part of the BLT is the diversity of the group. BOOST is not just a conference, but a community built on the shoulders of actual educators and out-of-school time providers. This conference and community are truly by the field, for the field.

What do representation and voice look like? Well let’s hear from a couple of our leaders:

“As a licensed program provider, I am a part of the BOOST Leadership Team to continue to promote quality among Licensed afterschool providers. Fee-based programs sometimes get lost within the after school field with all of the state and federal programs and through my participation and attendance, these programs will have a voice in the after-school space.” -Kristen Gonzalez

“As an advocate of Youth Development programs, my 15+ years of experience working as line staff, a site coordinator, and in a leadership role, gives me an authentic perspective on what is really needed in the field. As a member of the BLT, I have the great opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of leaders in the field to plan and prepare a global convening of leaders in youth development. Together as a team and a family, we make the commitment to inspire youth, inspire learning, and inspire change in the work we do daily and to inspire future leaders of the world.” -Melissa Perez

“As a BLT member, I get to build relationships with OST leaders from across the state. Because I represent Healthier Generation, I bring a lens of health and wellness and particularly enjoy the chance to brainstorm and have real-life discussions about the joys and challenges that face OST program leads and administrators on a daily basis. I love that we look outside the program hours and include social workers, juvenile justice, child welfare system professionals, and more because passionate people dedicated to youth development and children’s health are all around us.” -Amira Resnick

Are there other benefits to being part of the BLT?

BLT member smiling by the poolWell if that wasn’t enough for you, there are lots of other reasons to be a part of this awesome BOOST family. And who better to tell you than some more of the team:

“What a wonderful way to collaborate with like minds than being part of the BOOST Leadership Team. Meeting once a month in a warm and sunny location to brainstorm the best workshop options, activities, keynote speakers, and opportunities for individuals in the education fields. How awesome it is to be a part of a team that consistently provides opportunities for the people that are molding the minds and lives of our young people.” -Jeanaah Sampson

“Being a member of the BLT for the past 5+ years has been a great way to build leadership skills, network across our field, and provide a high-quality learning experience for our attendees. The BLT is a family connected by their passion and love of our work and our field.” -Suzanne Hill

“Being part of the BOOST Leadership Team is a fantastic way to network with colleagues in many different facets of the expanded learning field. Each month we meet in various locations throughout sunny Southern California, including Palm Springs. Attending the conference allows our staff to learn about cutting edge programming. Our staff members always return to work inspired and ready to take on new initiatives.” -Darlene Mosher

“Being a member of the BOOST Leadership Team has given me an opportunity to network beyond my agency, for my agency.  Meeting monthly has provided accountability, support, and guidance beyond planning for the BOOST Conference – I have built networks with colleagues who care about kids. The conference comes together by the very hands of those who would attend otherwise – those who live day in and out in the trenches of Afterschool Work!” -Meredith White

“After 34 years in education, serving on the BOOST Leadership Team is a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with the out-of-school time field.” -James Stephens

Want to join us?

To learn more about the BOOST Conference, visit our website.

Interested in joining the 2021-2022 BLT and creating a high-quality experience for educators? Email us at [email protected] and let us know why you want to be a part of the team.

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