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3 Family Engagement Resources to Try this Month

Community gatherings, potlucks, and school parties are great opportunities to re-engage the caregivers, older siblings, and families that your program supports year-round. These events, in addition to being fun and light-hearted, can build protective and supportive factors for families and children experiencing adversity. The benefit of out-of-school time goes beyond the social-emotional to the physical needs of families. According to the Afterschool Alliance, more than 4 in 5 parents in communi...Read More

Why Wellness is Important 

I am lucky enough to work for an organization that values health and wellness. They know that the most important form of healthcare is preventative, so every quarter we can make up to $85 through an app called Virgin Pulse. It’s an awesome tool, but not everyone has access to this app, and even in my office, contractors do not qualify for the program at all. As the Wellness Champion for my department, I make sure that the activities I promote can be used by all! While not every workplace, or eve...Read More

Encourage Staff Well-Being: 3 Things to Try This Week

I recently spoke at the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Conference alongside partners from the National Summer Learning Association, Afterschool Alliance, and Grow Appalachia. A common theme of our 3 workshops was the interconnectedness of physical health and social-emotional health to promote overall well-being. While at the NRPA Conference, we released an exciting new brief, Afterschool: Fostering Protective Factors that Can Last a Lifetime. The resource emphasizes the importan...Read More

Three Simple Solutions to Get Kids to Quiet Down

The new school year is about to begin. Kids are excited and staff is reenergized to start the year off on the right foot. Unfortunately, trying to calm kids down and organize them in a physically active environment proves to be extremely frustrating. What staff tends to do is start yelling louder and then find they are losing their voice AND losing their battle of getting everyone to quiet down. The solution is to have some simple and fun techniques that will immediately get their attention and ...Read More

#SummerSwap: 5 Ideas to Boost Your Breakfast Game

Healthier Generation and Kohl’s are teaming up to inspire families to prioritize a healthy lifestyle in their home and wherever children, live, learn and play. This July, we’re kicking off #SummerSwap, presented by Kohl’s Healthy at Home, and you’re invited to join us! To get you started, here are 5 ideas to boost your summer breakfast game. Try one swap each week to build a new healthy habit for the rest of the year. Try a Homemade Meal or Snack Morning convenience purchases can add up an...Read More

Portable & Packable Park Month Snacks

As I explored in my last article, Self-Care Ideas: Give 1/Get 8, it’s important for educators to prioritize their own physical and social-emotional health as they support children and families. Finding a strategy that works for you can be a challenge. For me, I find balance and a chance to recharge by spending time in nature and trying new healthy recipes. If you’re searching for inspiration to support physical self-care, below are 6 ideas to try this summer. With Park and Recreation Month just ...Read More

3 Tips For Engaging Teens In The Summer And In Afterschool Meal Programs

When it comes to the federally funded Afterschool and Summer Meal Programs, what is the trick to engaging teens better? Across the country, both anti-hunger advocates and out-of-school time program providers are asking themselves this very question. First, a refresher: The Afterschool and Summer Meal Programs provide funding to serve meals and snacks afterschool and during the summer months when school is not in session. Both a snack and supper can be served to children and teens up to age 18 at...Read More

The Need For Green!

I had scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage for breakfast this morning. I never do that. I am now nursing a stomach ache! Maybe I should have gone with something greener. And… there is my blog topic! The need for Green! Did you know that California has a Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights? It states that every child has a right to play in a safe place, explore nature, learn to swim, go fishing, follow a trail, ride a bike, go boating, connect with the past, plant a seed, and – my favorite – ca...Read More

Self-Care Ideas: Give 1/Get 8

Youth development is hard work and often emotionally draining; taking even a few minutes for self-care can be beneficial for our mental and physical health. I know what you’re thinking, self-care is all about juicing, advanced yoga poses, beach vacations, and lavender-scented spa days. Although these absolutely fall into the category of self-care, there are plenty of simple ways to practice self-care without breaking the bank. For this article, I want us to reimagine self-care by bringing one of...Read More

What Is The Truth Behind E-Cigarettes?

For well over the past two decades, the cigarette smoking rate among US youth and teens has steadily been decreasing. This is a tremendous win for youth workers, public health workers, youth, and the general population because it took collaboration to help educate our youth about the dangers of cigarettes and to prevent them from ever starting. Unfortunately, the tobacco industry has found a new product to target youth, and it is working. The most popular tobacco product used by middle school an...Read More

Games! Games! And More Games: Five ACTIVE Indoor Games For Winter!

Winter weather can prove to be a significant challenge for keeping kids physically active, particularly when indoor space is relatively confined or not readily available. While large format activities and games may not be ideal in this situation, there is still a wide variety of simple physical activities that can be included in stations, circuits, and other formats to get kids moving. Below are five fun physical activities for kids that require little to no space or equipment and are ideal opti...Read More

Add Mindfulness to Your Day: 4 Farm to School Activities

Autumn can be a stressful time. School is back in session, holidays are on the horizon, and everyone seems to be busy, if not overwhelmed. With digital devices buzzing and growing to-do lists, prioritizing personal wellness and fostering a positive climate can be challenging. Thankfully, October is Farm to School Month and the celebration provides many opportunities to cultivate mindfulness. Below are 4 activities to try this month. Share your ideas in the comment section below or via Twitter us...Read More

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