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#SummerSwap: 5 Ideas to Boost Your Breakfast Game

Healthier Generation and Kohl’s are teaming up to inspire families to prioritize a healthy lifestyle in their home and wherever children, live, learn and play. This July, we’re kicking off #SummerSwap, presented by Kohl’s Healthy at Home, and you’re invited to join us!

To get you started, here are 5 ideas to boost your summer breakfast game. Try one swap each week to build a new healthy habit for the rest of the year.

Try a Homemade Meal or Snack

Morning convenience purchases can add up and aren’t always the healthiest choices. Save money and start your day with a smile with easy recipes like Animal Toast Faces or  Fruit-a-licious Breakfast Cups. For a DIY breakfast that can double as a snack later in the day, try Healthier Generation’s Crunchy Granola Goodness. Buying ingredients like nuts and seeds from the bulk section of the grocery will save you even more money.

Before You Caffeinate, Hydrate!

Feeling anxious? Caffeine can make it worse; try a new routine of having water first so your body gets the hydration it needs. If you’ve been following my Wellness and Nature series on the Healthier Generation blog, you know I’ve been growing an indoor garden. One of my favorite summer morning is making infused water with herbs and veggies like homegrown mint, beets, and watermelon. I’m excited for my chamomile to bloom this month; for now, I’m making tea ice cubes on the weekend to stay cool all week long. Toss them in your refillable water bottle to hydrate and save money and plastic.

Start the Night Before

Earlier this month, I asked several friends for their breakfast swap tips. Everyone agreed that prepping a little the night before, instead of making a meal in the morning, ensures a healthier and smoother start to the day.

Here are 3 recipes to try:

Overnight Oats   

Why I like it: Versatile, easy and fast, create overnight oats using what you have on hand to avoid food waste.

Egg-cellent Breakfast Quesadilla

Why I like it: Unexpectedly easy to prep ahead; just double or triple the recipe. Once you cut the quesadilla into wedges (step 8), simply wrap in freezer paper.

USDA Mixing Bowl Black Bean Burgers

Why I like it: Burgers for breakfast? Why not! and these include whole grain oats and are an easy way to add more plant-based protein to your diet.

Swap in More Veggies

Challenge yourself to add more vegetables to your summer breakfast. I recently made a smoothie with raw cauliflower. I mixed it with frozen pineapple and a fresh banana. A little turmeric and some unsweetened coconut on top made it Insta-worthy. What fun combinations will you come up with? Don’t forget to share them with me on Twitter.

Add “Me Time” to Your Morning

This summer, swap checking e-mails at breakfast for a few minutes of mindful preparation. Start by identifying a few strategies that will help you deal with unexpected stress. For example, how will you combat negative self-talk and who will you reach out to if you need to relax? Be sure to write your plan down somewhere you can easily access it throughout the day.

What summer swap will boost your breakfast game? Share your ideas on social media and mention @HealthierGen and #SummerSwap.

For breakfast, I had homemade banana bread.


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