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Transformation: It’s Time For Personal Change

As we look ahead to imagine what this new year will bring it reminds us that we have an opportunity to change course or dream bigger.

The year ahead provides space for transformation. Many people begin the first 30 days with resolutions to tackle. What if, instead of a list of resolutions, we made a commitment to do one thing that would be such a game changer that it would ultimately change the course of our future?

In 2016, I tackled something new and challenging each month. A few months ago, someone I love challenged me to dig deeper and look at what is most important to my future. I realized that without health and self-care the rest would not be possible.

Sometimes it is hardest to face what we don’t want to acknowledge.

This was my game changer. In 2018 I hiked my first mountain, ran a 9-minute mile and spent more time by the ocean. What does this all mean? As a former site coordinator, I have been able to reflect and look back at how I came to stand in this place. I thought being passionate about my work and my students meant giving my all and not investing in myself. I like to see myself like a lotus flower. Despite many obstacles, I have had to persevere and bloom where I was planted. Now I realize that in order to grow, it requires the right amount of nourishment and sunlight.

In a field where we support everyone else, how will we all focus on what will support ourselves as individuals to rise up toward the sun and thrive in 2019?

For breakfast, I had home-made banana pancakes with mom & pops.

Author: @juliesesser

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