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Getting Your Students to Fall in Love with Physical Activity

Getting Your Students to Fall in Love with Physical Activity

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and it doesn’t always have to be romantic. Love boils down to a passion for something (or someone!), and so we can celebrate the holiday by sharing the love for physical activity with students in your expanded learning program.

When you feel passionate about something, it shows. Your enthusiasm, energy, and enjoyment are palpable, visible as the expression on your face, gestures with your hands, and the sound of your voice. When you talk about something you love, the feelings bubble up and over into everything you do or say.

Falling in Love with Physical Activity

There are ways to transfer your passion for physical activity to others so that they can experience the same enthusiasm and joy. Here are a few ways to help students fall in love with physical activity: exciting demonstrations, and fond memories about your own participation.

  1. Exude Positive Energy– Invite the students into the class with positive energy. Show them your feelings with exuberant talking.
  2. Provide Easy Wins– Give students a chance to succeed. Break down the activity into smaller roles and make it fun.
  3. Offer Encouragement and Support– Acknowledge when it’s hard and recognize efforts when they try.

Role Model Passion for Physical Activity

High levels of excitement are contagious, and students will be influenced by your attitude. When you talk with enthusiasm and demonstrate with zest, you transfer your excitement to the students. Let them see your passion for the activity and look through your eyes at the joy of participating in it.

When students see your love for physical activity, they experience an example of the way they could feel, too. You are a role model showing them the ways physical activity can make them feel. So be excited, talk passionately, share your joy, and be thrilled when you take part in the activity. They will follow suit.

For breakfast, I had yogurt, oatmeal, and tea.

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    Hi Sandy: Just wanted to drop a quick message with you. I’m working at home for the rest of the school year. Hope all is well with you. Would have loved to see you at BOOST. It’ll have to be BOOST 2021. My daughter and I are taking nightly walks (moderate pace) and bicycling to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy! God bless you and Jess in your quest for optimal health and a caring environment.
    For breakfast, I had a cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwich a instant oatmeal.


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      Great to hear from you, Gayle! Happy to hear about your nightly walks and bike rides! Awesome! Thanks for the kind words. We so appreciate it. I created a virtual Physical Activity Program that After School programs are loving. Are you doing anything like this in your district? Let me know if we can help. God Bless!!!

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