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5 Strategies to Get into the Groove of Back-to-School

get into the groove

Now that we are a few weeks into the school year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how to get into the groove.

We have weathered the lead up to program start up and are now several weeks in…so, how do we turn the corner, how do we get ourselves on track for success throughout the year, how do we get into the groove? (play the Madonna song for inspiration!) Here are some of my strategies:

1. Celebrate start up success.

Celebrate getting through start up activities and acknowledge yourself and those you are working with who are working hard to make the program a success.

2. Get on a more regular schedule.

We can all do some crazy hours trying to get everyone hired, screened, trained, and settled in. I admit I need to practice this one more but I think it is helpful to start planning for a schedule that will be manageable for the rest of the year.

3. Seek inspiration.

Now that the pace of back to school is winding down, seek out ways to stay inspired throughout the year. You can take class, start a book you have been wanting to read, set up a standing lunch date with a mentor, or spend some time with Ted Talks, whatever gets you in a productive zone.

4. Evaluate your workload management.

Do a time study on yourself and encourage others you work with to do the same. You may need re-calibrate from start-up mode to make sure you are allotting appropriate time for the important components of your work.

5. Measure your progress.

Plan opportunities throughout the year for your team to revisit progress towards goals and evaluate program quality. This is key to keeping the groove going and ensuring you and your team’s motivation remains high.

How do you get into the groove?

For breakfast I had a boring piece of toast but some much more exciting pineapple and a really amazing and needed coffee.

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