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Spice Up Your Fall with these 3 Back-to-School Staff Wellness Challenges

Staff wellness programs reduce stress and help all of us be more effective. When work is challenging, morale-boosting social activities ensure everyone feels appreciated and valued. Perhaps most important, active and engaged staff are important role-models and social supports for children.

Here are 3 back-to-school fitness challenges to try this fall! Share your ideas in the comment section below and via Twitter using @healthiergen.

Morning Mindfulness

Do you start your day by opening your inbox as soon as you wake up and then feel overwhelmed? It happens to all of us! Prioritize self-care with 10 minutes of mindful breathing. One of my favorite new resources is Class Dojo’s Mindful Breathing with Mojo.

If you’re feeling frustrated or experiencing conflict and need to step away, try Healthier Generation’s Astro Sloth physical activity break. Anticipating a challenging staff meeting? Add it as a team-building exercise to your agenda.

Afternoon Energizer

When the 3 o’clock slump hits, “ditch the donut” (#5), and opt for an active brain booster to recharge mentally and physically. Our free printable fitness challenge calendars have adaptable activities for any situation.

Are you presenting a slide deck during a training? Drop in a surprise Fitness Break Video and energize your crowd. Imagine how much happier everyone would be if all presentations included a fun 5-minute activity!

*If you’ve never inserted a video into a slide presentation before, here are simple instructions to help you get started.

Get Outside, Together

How many times have you heard, “I need to get some air!” Nature is important for our mental health, especially if you work in a windowless room. Here are 4 resources to explore.

Download the Merlin Bird ID app and see what birds you can spot in your neighborhood

Research local Fall Harvest Celebrations and plan a team outing, like visiting an apple orchard

Discover Outdoor Family Fun with Plum and complete a challenge as a group

“Fill your prescription” and find a park near you to explore


For breakfast, I had homemade applesauce and Greek yogurt.

Author: @danielh

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