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Serving Through Hands-On Projects

Editors Note: A special thank you to author @jillgordon for sharing one of four of Youth Philanthropy’s webinar series. Today’s post focuses on service learning models that can be implemented in your program too!  Click on the webinar link below “Serving through Hands-on Projects” for the full program.  And, keep your eyes open in February for the next special webinar from Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana. 

Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII) created a 4-part webinar series in 2016 to promote next-gen giving and youth engagement. These enlightening sessions featured local and national experts on the topics of service learning and project-based volunteerism, youth grantmaking, youth leadership, and tips for engaging youth in philanthropy.

This Youth Philanthropy and Next-Gen webinar series incorporates YPII’s 4-pillar model (Serving, Giving, Leading, and Engaging) to explain the progression youth take from caring within their families to engaging others in their communities. Participants of youth-serving organizations will receive real-world examples and resources they can integrate into their out-of-school learning time.

Service-Learning often has built-in engagement, but it needs to be more than just a fun day where we helped people. Listen to the “Serving through Hands-on Projects” webinar with Derrin Slack of ProACT Indy and Ryan Steuer of Magnified Giving to explore concrete examples of service-learning projects that have an impact on the community and also engage the minds of youth. Participants will leave the webinar with the framework to create an idea for service learning projects that can relate to academic learning, as well as be given online resources for service-learning project ideas. Find out how teaching youth about how to serve others in their community can create lifelong impact.


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