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6 Reminders for Maintaining your Leadership Rhythm

leadership rhythm

As I write, it’s one of those times where I must focus the lens for the gritty and most meaningful things to tell you about.

We only have a few sentences to share before our time together is up, and it’s important to make them count. So that leads us to rhythm. There’s nothing like a band that plays together, a motor in with proper timing, a NFL team operating as a unit, and especially a leader that is in balance. Beyond most, I believe that you understand the importance of rhythm in leadership life. You have chosen this course of business as a journey of the heart to see kids and young adults get better.

For that, I believe you “get it” more than the rest. We want to see others win. If that’s you, we speak the same language.

Sometimes that “rhythm” is more like an 1800’s English Pub after a big win. I see now the fiddles, poofy dresses, and brawly men swinging girls around stomping on dilapidated wooden floors – you know that we enjoy and maximize this gift called life. A bit young and chaotic at times, true, but we also wish to live this gift from above with the intensity it deserves.

We hold to a higher ideal. Because there are far too many graves for ideas and ambitions that have long since gone, we exist loudly and freely for love. We choose to live like it…

Allow me the humble opportunity to share with you 6 reminders for maintaining your leadership rhythm.

1. Have a healthy personal life.

Eat well. Get enough sleep but not too much sleep. In down time, do things you love. Work out. Take time to walk on the beach. Don’t watch too much tv.

2. Never, ever, ever stop learning.

When we stop learning we stop growing. Be a reader.

3. It’s not the “what”, it’s the “why.”

Choose to not only be connected to “what” you are doing, but more importantly, connect to “why” you are doing it. The tasks will not keep you going, but the passion for why you do it will.

4. Discipline.

Lazy leaders won’t take their team very far. Be a long distance runner. Keep pushing through!

5. Develop leaders.

You’re in this business to replace yourself. We’re pouring into the next generation! Coach ’em up!

6. Take time to ask “What if?”

Don’t just work “in it,” but take time to get away and work “on it.” This is a reflective time of asking “What if?” – “What if we did this? What if we were able to land that grant, or hire “that” person, or reach this certain kid?” Good things come to those who dream.

A few months ago I was able to ride a friends motorcycle 1799.8 miles all over California with my dad. This epic journey was filled reflective and introspective moments. We stood under the great grandfatherly Sequoia trees of Central California and the bold Redwood trees of Northern California. I couldn’t help but think about how small I am. In those moments, standing under what made me an ant of a man, and when looking at the Half Dome rock in Yosemite, I have never been more aware of my mortality. I didn’t even have the guts to climb to the edge of a secure guardrail to snap a quick photo. I felt like I’d have a heart attack right then!

Fortunately there was a six-year-old girl willing to take it for me. Recently I traveled home to see my dad because his blood pressure was very high. He’s hanging in there, but we don’t have many answers.

Life is short, and we’re not in it very long.

Some of the trees I stood under were 2400 years old. 2400 years! They even seemed young, staring up at them, but we, you and I are diseased with a short existence. My fellow leaders, live today like it could be your last day. Some of us may have many years ahead of us, and others, less. Whatever it is, let’s give everything we have to others. Let’s live in the rhythm and love big, think big, sacrifice big, give big.

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Smoothie (Ice, peanut butter, flaxseed, spinach, protein, Greek yogurt, banana, milk, squirt of chocolate syrup) Trust me, Jamba has nothing on this!

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