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Hands-On DIY Wellness Projects: The Ultimate Life Hack

In the month of January, Alliance for a Healthier Generation is celebrating #NewDaysResolution. Gone are the old New Year’s resolutions that are ultimately broken (and leave us feeling terrible).

2018 is about making a daily commitment to achieve one simple healthy change that leaves us feeling fulfilled and proud.

For example, on the first day of January, I used all of my leftover veggies to make this delicious smoothie (ignore the color). On January 2, I used my lunch break to get a 25-minute workout in at my local Jewish Community Center. On January 3, the best I could do was get an extra hour of sleep (worth it!).

It’s a simple as that – small steps for a healthier and happier day.

There is another reason for these small steps.

As leaders at youth-serving organizations, we set the tone for the students and families we serve, not to mention our own teammates.

Hands-on DIY projects are a great way to take tangible small steps toward creating a culture of health. It’s social, fun, visual, and great for social media. Imagine if our Twitter feeds were filled with positive messages that supported our physical and mental health!

Not feeling particularly creative or crafty? That’s ok!

Here are 12 ideas to help you Snap, Pin, and ‘gram your way through 2018 while sending positive vibes out into the world.

  1. Clean your supply closet and use leftover art materials to make your own “take the stairs” motivational posters. Here are some messaging examples to inspire you. Take it a step further and make 2018 the year you become a bulletin board boss.
  2. Speaking of leftover paper… create your own activity wheel game. I made mine with cardstock (and BOOST stickers!) but you could go big and make a durable version with cardboard and vinyl stickers. Just spin the wheel to add movement and smiles to every staff meeting, while prioritizing workplace wellness.
  3. Surprise teammates at your next staff meeting by asking them to work in pairs to create paper dice. Add icebreaker questions and physical activities to roll your way to a more supportive and welcoming atmosphere. Who doesn’t want a more active and fun meeting?!
  4. Make a splash with healthy hydration role-modeling by hosting a DIY water bottle night. All you need is chalkboard paint, brushes, and tape. Add your favorite quote or use your chalkboard bottle as a scorecard to mark off how many servings of water you’ve had each day.
  5. Speaking of chalkboard paint, use it to create a fun DIY fruit basket that puts the focus on fruit and encourages healthy snacking.
  6. Laminate a Grocery Game Plan Weekly Calendar and add a few stick-on magnets to create a budget-friendly planning tool for your fridge. Provide supplies at your next family event so everyone gets a take-home resource, including these healthy snack tips.
  7. Design your own cookbook filled with healthy recipes for your staff. Find a new fave using Cooking Matters. Leave it in your staff break room or reception area.
  8. Construct your own “Build a Smoothie” kitchen collage and never get bored with your creations. Save money on fruit and vegetables with these grocery store tips (perfect for a staff newsletter).
  9. Create a mindfulness nature journal. Keep it on your desk as a reminder to unplug and get outside. A favorite vacation picture or pressed flower is the perfect cover art. Get started by using these three reflection questions for your first entry.
  10. Make your own 12 Ways of Fitness (see page 21) cards using blank flash cards or turn craft sticks into Fit Sticks. Gather your co-workers and try them during your lunch break. Don’t forget to snap a healthy selfie and share it with us using #NewDaysResolution.
  11. In my last Breakfast Club blog, I shared ideas for connecting birding and physical activity. Foster curiosity in nature while inside on rainy days by folding origami birds and discussing wildlife.
  12. Host a DIY night for your wellness council and inspire healthy fundraisers like candles and soaps to replace cookie and other food fundraisers.

Hands-on DIY wellness activities bring people together, give everyone a role to play, and make events memorable and engaging for families and staff.

Which activity will you try for your #NewDaysResolution? Do you have an activity or idea to add to the list? Share it in the comment section below.

For breakfast, I had coffee and yogurt with pears.

Author: @danielh

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