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21st Century Wake Up Call: 3 Hot Tips on Social Media for #YouthServing Organizations

What’s trending? Do you hashtag your posts? What kinds of photos should you use to show your audience your extraordinary program? Have you used social media to raise money for your program? Are you using the online platforms to raise awareness about the quality of programs? Don’t think you need to? Well, it’s time for a 21st Century wake-up call. IT’S FREE ADVERTISING after all!

I am passionate about the power of social media. In my coaching and travel experiences I have met with too many youth serving organizations and nonprofits who are NOT utilizing the extraordinary assets of social media to show off their programs. Shame – on – you! IT’S FREE ADVERTISING!

In true blog fashion I will share three hot tips on why social media is important for your organization or site.

1) SHOW OFF: Have stories to tell? Is the work your staff or program or kids or board members or donors doing exciting? Doing something new or unique and innovative? Shout it out! You need a megaphone! And today’s megaphones are your online platforms! SHARE- let your stakeholders know how you are contributing to the world.

2) STAFF ENGAGEMENT: You can hire a social media person (then add a line item to your budget- ugh!) OR you can ask a staff member to take on the task. Chances are you already have an employee that loves to engage in social media anyway (you know the staff person who can never gets off their phone? They are perfect.) – grow their strengths and let them talk about the extraordinary work your organization is doing. (Be sure to create a social media policy beforehand- ask me about this).

3) FUNDRAISING: Your organization has built an online presence, you have ‘followers’, you’re receiving a lot of ‘likes’– now what? You’re wondering what to do with your fans? Thousands of organizations have created multiple steams of income based on their social media presence. a) Create engaging content b) Socialize with your ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ c) Hold contests and competitions to raise money for your cause. There are several on line fundraising social media platforms that you can utilize that only take a small percentage and do most of the leg work for you. Don’t forget to thank your fans for helping promote the cause.

Lastly- be consistent! Don’t drop the ball. Don’t begin this journey and then turn around, go home and decide you didn’t want to travel. Learn the value of the social media trade, master it and have your organization grow from it. It really makes a difference. — Ok that was FOUR hot tips! And…IT’S FREE ADVERTISING!

I will be presenting a workshop at the BOOST Conference 2014 on Social Media for Youth Serving Organizations. Find me! LinkedIn: and Twitter: @julesneducation

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