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BOOST 2018 Workshop RFPs due 10/31

BOOST 2018 Workshop RFPs due 10/31

BOOST requests workshop proposals that support and highlight trends, innovative research, and promising practices to support quality out-of-school time programs.

The deadline to submit a workshop proposal for BOOST 2018 is Tuesday, October 31, at 5 pm PST. Any proposals submitted after this date will go on a waiting list. To submit a proposal, visit the BOOST Conference website and click on the blue button to start the application process.

Every year the BOOST Conference offers a variety of workshops with leaders in the field. Workshop focus areas include:

  • Program Design, Development & Quality
  • Staff Leadership
  • Partnerships & Building Relationships
  • Sustainability
  • Older Youth

Click here to learn more about BOOST workshop themes.

BOOST Conference supports educators who are: 

  • Upper-level Administrators (e.g., manage an organization, manage a budget, fundraise, and/or work with a governing board)
  • Mid-level Administrators (e.g., manage/ direct one or more program sites)
  • Capacity Builders (e.g., provide professional development, provide technical assistance, monitor programs, evaluate programs, and/or conduct research)
  • Direct Service Providers (e.g., work directly with children/youth)

Submit your RFP today… present at BOOST in May!

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BOOST Collaborative is a unique, purpose-driven organization committed to supporting those serving youth in the out-of-school time hours by providing quality professional development, opportunities for networking & partnerships, and leadership training. Together, we make a difference.

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