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Leaders Who Inspire Us: Jabez LeBret

Editor’s Note: Continuing with our Leaders Who Inspire Us campaign, check out today’s featured leader Jabez LeBret! Keep an eye out for more inspirational people in our field who are change-makers. If you want to recommend someone, please send a note to [email protected].

Jabez LeBret has been homeless, is a high school dropout, and was on a path to nowhere. After getting his GED, Jabez studied finance and marketing at Gonzaga University. He went on to become a financial analyst managing a multi-million P&L at Nordstrom. Jabez is now an international public speaker (1,100+ presentations), author, and Forbes Contributor.

He recently sold his award-winning marketing agency to free up time to pursue his passion in education. Today Jabez is co-founder of Sisu Academy, a new education model that is going to reshape how we connect with students in the San Diego region and ultimately expanding beyond our city. 



A high school senior in North Carolina named Juleen, who recently spent time with our team on the phone helping us improve our school model. She was so generous with her time and desire to help make a difference. Even though she is too old for our high school, she wants younger girls like her to have opportunities that she didn’t. That selfless act of giving is truly inspirational.


We are launching our tuition-free all-girls boarding high school in San Diego with 25 8th graders from the local community. We are beyond thrilled to be bringing this program to life.


There are many more exciting superpowers I wish I had 🙂 If you ask people close to me, they would tell you that my superpower is getting meetings with the right people. I’ll take it.


“Delay is the enemy.” – Malin Burnham

We had a meeting with Malin the other week and his quote so simply expressed a concept that I believe is so important – you gotta move. There is no room for waiting. Every minute we are not serving more students are moments we are missing an opportunity to have a positive impact.


Coffee…and then more coffee. Don’t tell my doctor I’ve been skipping breakfast. There is just too much to do. 

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