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Negative Social Media Messaging, Safe Spaces, and Happy Kids

Now more than ever we are inundated with messaging from social media, news, text messages, and more. When I wake up each day I check the top 5 headlines from various media outlets, scroll through Facebook, check Instagram and LinkedIn and, not to be forgotten, I review the latest tweets from various people and groups that I follow on Twitter. When I started tracking how much time I spend starting my day this way, I noticed that it was a fairly big chunk of my morning. Many of the words that gree...Read More

Overcoming Obstacles: Successful Media Strategies to Share Impact

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to author @jillgordon for sharing the third of four webinars from the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana’s 2017 webinar series designed to promote next-gen leadership and giving opportunities. Today’s post focuses on how student voice makes a powerful difference and social impact when telling stories through journaling, blogging, vlogging, and social media.  And keep your eyes open in July for the next special webinar from Youth Philanthropy Initiat...Read More

Let’s Take Another Selfie!

As Out-of-School-Time professionals, we have a lot of freedom to create amazing experiences for the youth we serve. In order to create those experiences, we must use all the tools that available to us. Thus, I was recently surprised as I was chatting with a colleague who challenged me on my passionate advocacy of the use of social media with youth. Like many, this friend of mine had bought in to the recent barrage of media that has focused on the negative consequences of social networking such a...Read More

Just Pin it: Using Pinterest to Support Planning

Here’s a little story I’d like to tell About 3 camp ladies I know real well. It started back in Two Thousand and 12, When they were planning camp, like busy little elves. They were looking for ideas based on campers’ interests One of them said “Hey, let’s check Pinterest!” …And that is how our Project: Pinterest started. A little Bit o’ Info About Project: Pinterest For the past two summers, our camp programs have been using Pinterest to support ou...Read More