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Hi Miss Tiaaaana

Recently, I posted a picture of myself on Instagram, and to my surprise, I received likes from folks I have not seen in quite a while. One of them, a young lady who attended the middle and high school after-school program I managed five years ago, commented on the picture by saying, “Hi Miss Tiaaaana.” She shared photos of her daughter with me, and in one of our messages, told me that some other girls who attended 20 West wanted to reunite to catch up. Hearing that my old students wa...Read More

Gemstones in the rubble: Reflections on rediscovering our core values

In recent months people across all 50 states and worldwide are in the streets raising their voices and their fists to demand racial justice for our communities and world. The simmering heat of a robust Black Lives Matter movement added to heightened distress of the COVID-19 pandemic finally brought society to a boiling point. Yet it’s sobering to realize that we’ve been through similar uprisings before and still our moral sins persisted. How can we assure this time we will be different, th...Read More

My Why: Purpose

It’s really hard to pinpoint one purpose, cause, or belief that inspires me to do what I do. After thinking about this question, I realized that I have a different approach and reason for working on each project I am involved in, both professionally and personally. But, if I had to sum it up in one word, I would say the reason why I do what I do is “impact.” Professionally, as a researcher, this is particularly important to me because I spend most of my days on my computer anal...Read More

My Why: Finding Purpose through Core Values

I have been serving the field of after school for the past 18 years. During the past few years I have been doing a lot of work around Core Values and finding purpose. Through that work I have had the privilege to work and be surrounded by incredible individuals whom I call friends and colleagues. Through my work around Core Values, I have found that my 3 Core Values are Humility, Integrity and Service. I call it HIS work. Humility is about my faith. Integrity is about my hope around the person w...Read More

Do Good. Have Fun. Make a Difference!

In a month or so I’ll have the privilege of entering the seventh decade of my life. For someone who has always worked hard, played hard, done good (I hope) and had fun (I know), that’s quite an accomplishment – and it came with lot of great support from friends, family and colleagues and luck! I’ve been blessed with being a mother and grandparent, a university professor, a CEO of an international corporation in 22 countries, a tennis professional, a nationally recognized leader...Read More