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Shift: From Helplessness to Hope & the Power of Humanity

fence spelling Hope

Amidst the news of a virus that feels eerily apocalyptic, I feel the need for us to take a collective breath.

pastel doodle of a pink heartWhile it is important to stay calm, it is also important to use good judgment in realizing that we each have the power as individuals to slow the spread and be socially responsible for the potential impact. Through a phrase that is quickly being elevated in response to COVID-19, “social distancing” from others will help slow the spread of the virus that could negatively impact those we love that are elderly or have compromised immune systems.

Times like this provide the opportunity to showcase our character and the truth of who we are. Being at home alone allowed me a chance to reflect. I had not realized that the constant stream of alerts about COVID-19 was fostering fear and anxiety within me. It required me to press pause, slow down, and ask myself, “what can I do?”

What I can do is help create hope.

I can possibly inspire others to do the same.

I can support a ripple effect where each person commits to three things they can do for their neighbors, their community.

Right now, there are nursing homes that are banning all visitors. We can send notes letting residents know they are not wall covered in Post-It notes with messages of hope and affirmationforgotten. We can buy less and share more. We can donate to local shelters or the Red Cross to support the need that will far exceed the demand. We can check in on a friend during the period of isolation with a phone call or video chat. Staying connected will help us remember our own humanity.

We are more than just one. We are part of a much bigger community. I challenge you to find ways to foster hope and inspire others to do the same!

For breakfast, I had a latte and an everything bagel.

Author: @juliesesser

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    Hi Julie: Great reading your inspiring blog. Times like this, it’s great to see a person staying so positive. Thank you and God bless!

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