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Meet the BOOST Leadership Team / Storytellers

Celebrating BOOST Sweet 15 – Get to Know Erica Cardoso

Celebrating BOOST Sweet 15 – Get to Know Erica Cardoso

BOOST is turning 15! As we approach our 15-year anniversary, we are reminded of how much we appreciate and value our TEAMBOOST partners and want to share their stories – their journeys through the in and out-of-school time field, their goals and aspirations, a few fun things about them, and some of the amazing things they are doing in their communities.

We will be spotlighting our BOOST Bloggers, Ambassadors, Leadership Team members, and Partners weekly through the end of the year to thank our wonderful team members for their contributions to our incredible community!

Meet BOOST Leadership Team Member Erica Cardoso

Erica is the Program Development Technician at Think Together in Santa Ana, CA, and has been a BOOST Leadership Team member with us since 2022!

How did you enter the OST, expanded learning, and/or educational field?

I first started working in after school when I was in college. I needed a part-time job and had only really known retail and education so I applied for a district that was nearby to my college and was hired!

What motivates you to do this work?

The Kiddos! I don’t go out to our sites very often but when I do, I’m reminded of why I’m still involved in Education. The best feeling comes about when you are supporting a student and a light bulb turns on for them… you see their expression and sense of pride and can’t help but smile!

What are you currently reading or watching?

I’ve recently been reading Colleen Hoover Books when time allows because most of my time is spent with my Anatomy & Physiology textbook – LOL. If I do sit and watch any TV it’s the Chicago Series or Family Feud with Steve Harvey!

Share some of your greatest accomplishments.

My greatest accomplishments include holding a pageant title and competing in the Miss California USA Pageant, Earning my Bachelor’s Degree and my Cosmetology License, owning a small boutique, and growing my skills and experience in different positions at Think Together. Fun Fact – Think Together has been my only full-time job ever!

What are some big goals you are working toward?

Goals are hard for me to put into writing but currently, I’m in school hoping to one day start the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.

What are your top three leadership qualities?

Communication, Creativity, and Teamwork

Name a leader that you admire and why?

I admire Barack Obama and his charisma and I also recently met the President of Portugal and admired how personable he was.

Share an inspirational quote that resonates with you.

Dream until Your Dreams Come True.

As a child, what were your career aspirations?

All I ever wanted as a child was to be a Teacher and well senior year of college I changed my major, got a full-time job, and never went back for my credentials but remained in and currently still am in education.

What causes are you passionate about?

Infertility Warrior here =)

What is one of the highlights of your career?

I would say a highlight has been being promoted into various positions that have been a first in the organization and being able to further define and build that position.

How do you show kindness to others and/or share ways others have shown kindness to you?

Simply saying Thank You with a smile at the right times and not overusing it.

What career legacy do you want to leave?

Oh…I’m going to say this is still a work in progress…

What’s the biggest mistake you made on the job and what did you learn from it?

In general, I think it’s been speaking without thinking first! I get passionate about topics and I’ve learned to pause, think, then speak.

Tell us what you had for breakfast!

Coffee LOL. But a daily Belgian Waffle with Strawberries sounds dreamy!

From all of us here at TEAMBOOST, thank you, Erica, for being part of our Leadership Team and for sharing your story with us!

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