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My Why: Because, Me, We

Justin quote interconnectedness

I believe in the interconnectedness of everyone and everything.

I believe we are all inextricably woven into the fabric of the humanity and of the universe and because of that, I feel a deep responsibility to do what I feel is right. Our children are humanity’s greatest resource and unfortunately it often seems that as a society, we have forgotten or choose to neglect that. I feel that ALL children deserve and should have a right and equal access to quality education suitable for each child’s unique learning needs.

Unfortunately, the public education systems, by and large, are failing to meet the needs of many of our learners, which has turned my head to out of school time educational opportunities, within which, so much of the really rich, dynamic learning is occurring; both in terms of curriculum and academic achievement, and equally as important, social and emotional learning as well.

I believe that if we empower our youth to unlock their potential that we are empowering ourselves to be able to live richer lives, both for and with our children, enabling that positive ripple effect to spread and catch on. Our world and our country are hurting, and our children are the ones who will inherit the messes that have been made.

I believe in them. I believe in their ability to impact and effect positive change, and they need our help to develop them to their greatest potential to give them the tools with which to make that change happen. Interesting, fun, meaningful and engaging learning opportunities are what work to open their eyes to the issues, their hearts to the problems, and their minds to the solutions.

That is why I do what I do. Ubuntu!

For my breakfast I enjoyed my delicious, aromatic, fair-trade coffee, black, in my awesome BOOST Breakfast Club mug, and a multi-grain English muffin with peanut butter and blackberry-pomegranate jam, along with an interesting, albeit challenging to digest, discussion about education reform with my 9 year-old activist daughter. Here is a link to an original song of hers that we were privileged to perform to a packed auditorium last month. It’s called “The Inside” and it pairs nicely with every breakfast! 

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