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Meet the BOOST Leadership Team / Updates from BOOST

Get ready for BOOST with the BLT!

BLT Members Welcoming Attendees to BOOST

This year’s Virtual BOOST Conference may look different than years past, but it’s still full of the fun, energy, and love you’ve come to expect at BOOST.

Hear directly from the BOOST Leadership Team about what they’re looking forward to this year, and register to join us April 27-30 for a totally unique BOOST Conference experience!

“As someone who has been a participant of the BOOST Conference to being able to lead my own Inspiration Station another year, I am so excited to be able to be part of the Leadership Team to make this amazing conference possible. I owe so much to BOOST… including my engagement! I hope everyone this year takes in as much of the conference as possible and look forward to all the great workshops and events planned. See you all there!”
Mónica García, Regional Manager, arc, Torrance, CA 

3 BLT Members enjoying BOOST 2019

“I’m looking forward to the positive energy that all of the BOOSTERS bring and to hear about their love of working with kids and the impact they make daily either in person or virtually.”
Kristen Gonzalez, Klassic Kids Program Manager, Harmonium, San Diego, CA

“What am I most excited about? Seeing my BOOST Family together virtually! Oh, and the keynotes!”
Suzanne Hill, Project Liaison, Orange County Department of Education, Costa Mesa, CA

“This year I am excited to be inspired! I have missed the BOOST Conference and can’t wait to learn and find ways to best support my students and team.”
Cristina Mares, Expanded Learning Site Coordinator, Lennox Enrichment After-School Program, Lennox, CA

“I am most excited to work remotely with the most creative, adaptable, capable workers on the planet, those that work with school-age children and adolescents!  These folks love to play with purpose, teach with tenacity, and learn with love.  The thought of meeting together with all of that energy will change the world for kids all over the world.”
Shane Meserve, Trainer and Consultant Specialist, Children’s Bureau, Ventura, CA

“Every year I always wanted to be part of BOOST but was never able to attend. And this year, I have the opportunity to attend and be part of the BOOST Leadership Team. What a great way to celebrate my first-time attending BOOST. I am very excited to see everyone network with each other, learn from each other, and most importantly inspire each other. Every person in the leadership team provides a fun and safe place and I am so happy to be part of that initiative. BOOST is the way to go! Let’s BOOST it up!”
Carlota Merino, Regional Manager, arc, Torrance, CA

BLT Members hugging at the BOOST info table

“I am so excited for this year’s Pop-up Networking Socials at 5 pm, Tuesday, April 27. What a great opportunity to share meaningful conversations with colleagues on the hottest topics. Sign-up early!”
Darlene Mosher, Program Administrator, Pomona Unified School District, La Verne, CA

“I’m ready to champion and #BOOST our collaborative #afterschool network through a fun-filled week of professional development.”
Jessica Ochoa, Director of Out-of-School Time Programs, Santee School District, Santee, CA

“I am most excited to connect with leaders from the OST field and celebrate all of our accomplishments working and supporting young people, especially during this crazy past year. BOOST has always been a source of reigniting my passion in youth development. I am eager to reconnect with my OST family to #inspireyouth #inspirelearning and #inspirechange.”
Melissa Perez, Program Specialist of Communications and Events, California Afterschool Network, Sacramento, CA

“I am most looking forward to “seeing” and “connecting” with the BOOST Community online during the BOOST Conference and getting to hang out with everyone in our virtual space for the week. We have planned an impactful learning experience with a lot of networking opportunities- two things we do really well and cannot wait to share with you. See you in April with virtual hugs, lots of love, and a positive, uplifting, engaging virtual experience designed for YOU!”
Tia Quinn, Founder & CEO, BOOST Collaborative, San Diego, CA

BLT Member smiling with a coworker at BOOST

“I’m so glad the season of BOOST is upon us and I’m excited to see all the innovative ways we’ll connect, learn, enjoy and rejuvenate during a difficult time. This year especially we need to come together to lift up our educator network, and it’s great to know nearly all of the BOOST offerings are adapting to the virtual setting. See you there!”
Amira Resnick, Manager of Cross-Sector Engagement, California, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Los Angeles, CA

“I am excited to be a part of an innovative way to introduce educators and community members to the virtual BOOST Conference. I believe that this will provide more attendees to participate in our annual BOOST Conference both virtually and in-person in the future.”
Becky Shultz, Director of Expanded Learning, Whittier School District-Reach For The Stars, Whittier, CA

“BOOST attendee will have the opportunity to curate their own experience, they can create a unique path for the entire Conference. By this same coin, BOOST leadership can better learn about the preferences of BOOST attendees to better tailor both virtual and in-person experiences for future Conference events.”
James Stephens, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties, San Diego, CA

BLT volunteers work the BOOST booth in the exhibit hall

“Even virtually, I am most excited for the BOOST Family to come together.  In a year of extreme need, it is more important than ever that we meet to build each other up to tackle the challenges that face our youth. Together, we make a difference. Together, we are BOOST.”
Meredith White, Supervisor, Expanded Learning Programs, Brea Olinda Unified School District-Child Development Services, Brea, CA

“I know the BLT has been hard at work to ensure that a virtual conference will still have great opportunities for connection amongst attendees. I’m excited that in a virtual setting we get to bring even more people to BOOST than we usually do to experience those great connections and community building!”
Heather Williams, Program Director of Policy and Outreach, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA

“I’m really looking forward to the virtual social interactions in Kumospace for the Exhibit Hall and events. I know nothing can replace being in-person but I think this gets pretty darn close to being with our BOOST family!”
Andrea Seals Wilson, Exhibit & Sponsorship Account Manager, BOOST Collaborative, San Diego, CA

Meet the BOOST Leadership Team here

Learn more about the 2021 Workshops here

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Register by April 15th to join us online!  

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