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Coaching And Endless Possibilities

A quick story and important reminder about how important a good coach is, and what the possibilities are when you have a great coach. My son, who is in first grade, played rookie tackle football this fall. The season ended a few weeks ago, with his team winning the 1st-grade championship. It was a spectacular finish to the season—they got to play the game on the high school football field. Our town’s high school football team won the state championship last year, and so football is a pretty big ...Read More

Q & A With Preston Pohl, Season 5 Contestant on The Voice

When NBC debuted their new singing competition… The Voice, many people wondered how it might be unique from other shows like it. The difference was made pretty starkly, and in dramatic fashion. First, instead of judges, the show uses coaches who compete to work with singers they think are best, and to mentor them through the show. Secondly, the coaches make their picks solely on the quality of the voices, without seeing the contestants. These two factors have set the show apart. And as Exe...Read More