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GGJNext: A New Global Game Jam for Youth

This July 2018, all around the world, kids aged 12-17 years old gather together to make games. Known as GGJNext, it is a new game jam event specifically for youth. What Exactly is a Game Jam? In a game jam, designers are given a topic or theme and then build a game. Sometimes known as fast prototyping, groups work collaboratively to create sometimes barely viable games. The point isn’t to deliver a finished product, but to go through the steps of design thinking: ideating, making, and iterating....Read More

Shifting From the Sage on the Stage

Learning doesn’t always have to be teacher led. There are other models that create authentic experiences for students and are closer to what they will experience once they are finished with school. Last spring, a group of high school juniors came to me, wanting to explore the intersection of art and technology using both paper and sewn circuitry. I had never worked with either before but was excited to learn these tools myself, so I eagerly agreed to the project. Tinkering alongside your student...Read More

Design Thinking Develops Global Citizens

How might we encourage our students to become global leaders? How might we create agency, or a mindset of action, in 21st century kids? Our students are passive. They are used to “sitting and getting” information. Even as we talk about preparing students for the 21st century, the pressures of college acceptance and testing make it difficult to change students’ (and parents’) mindsets. How might we create a bias towards action in our students so that they understand their ...Read More

Design Thinking 101: Solving Problems In and Out of the Classroom

Our students have problems to solve. In school, it may be figuring out how many apples Susie has left after giving Jason four from her original ten. However, at home, it may be figuring out how to take care of younger sibling with a physical disability. Or, it may be figuring out how to transform their community from a “food desert” to one flourishing with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Our students are always solving problems-large and small, spoken and unspoken. With this in...Read More