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My Why: Understanding Education as a Pathway to Freedom

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My belief for why I do what I do is quite simple.

I firmly believe that every child should be afforded the right to a healthy childhood, a fair and equal education, and a strong network of support that navigates and guides that child’s future. Education is the sole key to our freedom and to our ability to advance humanity forward. Unfortunately, as a society we have failed to fully realize that education is a fundamental human right that should not be dependent on where we are born or raised. Over the past 12 years, my eyes have been opened to see the disparities in our world as it relates to one’s right to an education.

I am deeply inspired by those educators who came before me, who saw education, not as a chapter in a book, but rather as a journey through life. More importantly I am inspired by those who understand that the field of education is not about those whom you teach, but rather those whom you inspire and that education is not about dosages of information shared, but about the transition of knowledge from one generation to the next through experience, engagement, and modeling.

annemarie quote equal educationFinally, I continue to do what I do for one reason – each individual child. I cannot point to any one experience over another, only that each child whose life I have impacted and who has equally impacted mine fulfills me.

To truly know a child is to love that child.

It is because of this I know that my purpose is to further promote a more equitable and fair educational system and to ensure that each scholar is afforded the opportunity for a healthy childhood, an education, and an opportunity to succeed in life.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

As for breakfast this morning I had a banana and honey roasted peanut butter.

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