BOOST Boot Camp Accolades

Read feedback from past BOOST Boot Camp attendees.
  • For the past 10 years I’ve been to so many trainings and conferences that I can’t even count, this has by far been the best and most relevant.
  • The entire boot camp was the best opportunity to grow, reflect, and inspire that I have ever had. My confidence, self-inspection, and beliefs were lifted and strengthened. I plan on using these methods and challenges in my classroom and life. Tia not only helped me and my coworkers, but they have helped EVERY SINGLE STUDENT in the district’s ASES Program!
  • Very personable, open, and easy to talk to. Made the info fun to understand and gave multiple ways to implement.
  • Tia is an awesome presenter! Kept us engaged and energetic the whole time! So informative and resourceful! Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for being engaged and highlighting the importance of caring and treating our kids fairly.
  • Tia had really good energy, enjoyed what she does, and explained everything well.
  • I loved Tia! She was a great presenter, very passionate, great attitude, and very energetic!
  • Awesome! Tia was great! She shared lots of info and was very well prepared. You rock Tia!
  • Amazing workshop. Never a dull moment. I stayed engaged and learned so much!
  • BOOST gave me so many new ideas and knowledge! Thank you!
  • Thank you for taking the time to teach us and give us skills that we will forever use
  • Thank you! This has been one of the most insightful amazing trainings I’ve ever attended
  • Thanks for keeping me an engaged / awake/ excited to learn & most importantly for being so knowledgeable
  • Thank you again for the great opportunity, truly grateful to be here to learn from you.
  • This training was great! It was a mini BOOST, thank you!
  • This should be mandatory training for first-year staff! So helpful!
  • I am very thankful for all that you have done not just in these 3 days but even putting BOOST together to help us.
  • How grateful I am to have had this training because not only can I use this at work but in my real personal life! Which is really meaningful to me, thank you!
  • Thank you, this gave me the confidence I needed that I didn’t have coming into the training. I appreciate you!
  • I appreciate the ideas and community sense that you built for us.
  • The training was a wonderful learning experience entering my 4th year as a coordinator I feel motivated and energetic for the upcoming school year.
  • Thanks for all the information and for caring enough to help us.
  • Thank you for all the information that will help my program become more effective and efficient
  • Great training. I learned a lot and feel very inspired and motivated- thank you!
  • You are awesome I wish you did all my trainings!
  • Tia’s training has been very informative- this training is DOPE.
  • The workshop with Tia was very interesting, fun, and informative and I really enjoyed the way she ran the workshop. She gave a lot of hands-on examples that were useful and I feel prepared now.
  • This BOOST Boot Camp has been a great experience and I know it will be beneficial in the long run.
  • The information presented today was very motivational and has inspired me to set a great example for my staff.
  • Thank you for giving us your time and opening our minds and hearts!
  • Please continue to build strong and caring youth (human) developers. You are AMAZING! <3
  • Tia made this workshop extremely fun/comfortable for me…also taught me a lot and showed me that it’s okay to be vulnerable.
  • Tia, you are awesome! Keep doing what you do. Love, Anonymous
  • Thank you for the fun and engaging workshop. You clearly know the field, and I look forward to bringing all the information back.
  • Great presentation, I absolutely loved it and will recommend to everyone. I think everyone should attend.
  • I had an enjoyable time learning! Thank you!

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Facilitator: Tia Quinn
Founder & CEO, BOOST Collaborative