BOOST Online Training Accolades

BOOST Online Training & Learning Community Feedback & Accolades


Health & Nutrition for Children & Youth Matter (6-30-20)
  • Super informative, extremely important, well-planned, well-organized, well-delivered.
  • Great work, thank you.
  • I enjoyed all of the interactions.
  • Daniel Hatcher was terrific!
  • Great workshop- thank you!
  • I can’t wait to share this information with others!
  • I gained so many ideas like growing fruit and fruit painting and how to make STEM activities based around nutrition and health.
  • Enjoyed this training so much, excellent colorful slides, kept the flow interest going, open communication, and friendly.
  • Great resources, thank you!
  • This training was so useful.
  • Thank you very much. Great communication.
  • This is one of the most informative webinars I’ve attended since COVID. The presenters were well spoken, interactive, and it really held my attention.
  • Great workshop, BOOST! I learned so many beneficial resources to implement with my students and families. I can’t wait to start sharing.


Staying Physical Active While Physically Distancing (6.25.20)
  • Great activities and information- thank you!
  • Thank you for everything!
  • This training was awesome!
  • It was an AWESOME workshop!
  • Sandy has such great energy and enthusiasm! All presenters had really great programs to implement physical activity. I also like how Stacy’s tied into Math/ELA standards.
  • It was an awesome workshop! I learned so much and have a toolkit to take back to my program.
  • I loved how the activities provided gave us adaptions to use virtually and in person. Thank you!
  • I can’t wait to get creative and implement these activities.
  • Again, thank you so much for the great activities that can be used virtually with our students and how we can implement these using physical distancing and make it fun. Easy ideas to use and incorporate with no equipment required. Really enjoyed the training/PD!
  • Very positive throughout.
  • THANK YOU BOOST! I love your trainings and you bring us the best presenters!


Activities That Inspire Learning – Creative Learning & Ed Tech (6.22.20)
  • Great information to take back to my program- thank you!
  • This training was so helpful.
  • Probably one of the best workshops thus far! It was very informative and I came away with a lot of great resources.
  • Learning about coding is so interesting and now I can put it to work with my students.
  • My goal is to implement all 3 of the workshops throughout the year. The training was very straightforward and easy to implement.
  • This training was full of so many beneficial resources.
  • Please offer more workshops like this!
  • This was a very important topic that we need to continue to address due to the constant changes in our programs right now.
  • One of the best BOOST workshops thus far!
  • This was a really good training. I think teaching us how to do coding will help us with new activities for our kids.
  • THANK YOU BOOST! I can’t wait to bring this back to my students.
  • This training provided me with so many useful tips and resources.
  • I will be adding coding as part of our year-round enrichment.


SEL & Mindfulness (6-18-20)
  • I loved this workshop because it was reflective and the information is relevant to my work and my life.
  • Thank you for a great job and well done! I hope to attend another BOOST Workshop in the near future.
  • Thank you for taking the time to share information and allow other us to come together to share our experiences!
  • The personal reflection was good. Also, the interactive piece to discuss our commonalities were very helpful.
  • BOOST Trainings are inspirational, relevant, and simply wonderful.  I always come away from them feeling refreshed and hopeful.
  • This SEL training was very helpful. The participants were friendly and so were the facilitators. I appreciate the resources we received. This was an amazing training!
  • Glad I selected to be a part of this training, we all had so much in common!
  • LOVED IT!!!
  • This was great! I love that we got an activity to do with students, staff, and families.


Mental Health & Self-Care (6-17-20)
  • Grateful for the deep connection, sharing, self-care strategies, and boosting our “WHY”
  • Great information shared. Reminded me to pause, reflect, and take a moment to breath.
  • I thought this training was designed for helping students with self-care but learned that if we are not taking care of ourselves first, we cannot take care of our students.
  • This workshop was a great reminder about life. I learned how important and valuable it is to take care of ourselves first before helping others in your presence. Great visuals, great feedback, great questions,, chat box was interactive, just a great training to think of ways to check in with yourself and your students.
  • I love the different approaches each presenter had when doing self-care.
  • Uplifting speakers and facilitators. Thank you so much!
  • You all do such a good job providing a variety of training s for us!
  • Thank you, this was a much needed workshop.
  • This workshop made me stop and think about my life from every angle.
  • So much good information from all the presenters! How to heal, be empathetic, and listen, how to unplug and remember to commit to something at least once a week that brings you joy. Find inspiration, remember your WHY, and empty your cup so it may be filled.
  • Gratitude, joy, loving kindness, meditation are great ways to heal. Very well done!


Meeting of the Minds: All Hands on Deck – Using Collective Impact to Dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline (Part 2) (6-16-20)
  • It is good to serve as metal model and knowing there are resources we can always look to for feedback if we need to.
  • I love how this information gives us the power to set the tone in the after school environment, and provide all of the tools that influence our structure.
  • Great resources to redefine public safety, leadership, and infrastructure for implementation and teaming structure.
  • Awesome, thank you!
  • I loved today’s training especially interacting in the breakout rooms. It really helps to reinforce the importance of creating a safe space for our students and ensuring each and every one of them know that we care about them, that they are important, and that they deserve respect.
  • GREAT JOB! Thank you very much!
  • Collaborating with 76 like-minded professionals focused on interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline is quite refreshing. The facilitators were awesome and I truly appreciate the breakout rooms and chat conversations. Well done, well done, well, done!
  • Great job! Thank you for including the breakout rooms for discussions as we get to meet new people and hear diverse perspectives from their areas of work.


Program Spotlight: Activities that Support Impact – Showing up for Students, Families, and Communities (6-15-20)
  • Proud of what others are doing for their communities.
  • I love how creative all of the activities were in maintaining relationships with students during COVID.
  • The programs featured were very inspirational.
  • So many good ideas to connect with my students- thank you!
  • This was a great training. I am looking forward to sharing what I learned with my colleagues.
  • I will show my student that I’m concerned about their well-being, show them love and support, and listen closely to them.
  • I learned so much from these groups- ready to implement ideas!
  • This BOOST workshop provided new ideas in engaging your students, families, & community.
  • VERY informative and so many new ideas from the presenters.
  • You guys are very helpful, thank you very much.
  • These BOOST trainings will inspire you with ideas and activities. You will learn not just to be a better teacher/after school staff, you will learn how to be a better person.


STEM Activities & Experiences (6-11-20)
  • I loved the mind jar. It is a great project for the students.
  • I really enjoyed the workshop and thanks for having me
  • This workshop provided great ideas about math and STEAM activities.
  • This training got my attention about different ways to have a presentation with my students on any project.
  • Great tips and resources.
  • Good information. Great to refresh my mind in the learning/teaching aspect.
  • Great training, thank you very much.
  • I liked that we were able to interact with the activities.
  • You guys are very helpful. I really learned a lot, thank you very much for all your help.
  • BOOST- You always feel the PASSION & EXCITEMENT in what you do to help the learning community. Thank you!
  • So helpful to walk away with these activities.


Meeting of the Minds: The School-to-Prison Pipeline- Beyond the Schools…It’s Not Just a School Problem! (PART 1) (6-9-20)
  • Love that the facilitator was not fearful of speaking on subjects/problems that the education system and educators tend to ignore or avoid.
  • This workshop was great! Some very key information shared. I think some of the language needed to be further explained for those who are new to this topic.
  • This was a great workshop!
  • This webinar was great! I really hope you can make it available for those who couldn’t attend or share a collection of resources even for those who did attend can continuously address their biases and find toolkits for their own work.
  • Great topic. Relevant to current school issues.
  • This was an incredible webinar, and I wish it was longer – or that we could break out into smaller groups to have further conversation on how to apply these approaches practically in the positions we are in.
  • Tia Martinez was well versed in the information she provided on her PowerPoint and verbally.  GREAT presentation!!
  • Excellent presentation! The content was clear and to the point and the information was pertinent.
  • The school to prison pipeline topic and how to dismantle this system should be part of employee’s curriculum. Thank you!
  • This is an opportune time to actively promote these strategies and actions. Hopefully, we can unify our efforts (like Black Lives Matter) and create a movement to bring them to fruition.
  • The way that BOOST handles trainings is just awesome, thank you.
  • The BOOST group is on the verge of creating a group of true student advocates to fight for equity in schools!
  • The training BOOST provided was very informative with expert facilitators and speakers who were able to share their knowledge on the topic, as well as, being able to go beneath the surface to derive deeper meaning.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work(6-8-20)
  • BOOST reminds you that you are not just an after-school staff. You are changing the world and its norms.
  • It was a great opportunity to interact and learn what is happening in other parts of the country in terms of teamwork and how to achieve it successfully.
  • Thank you so much for this! I loved all of it and will be using and sharing it with my staff and co-workers!
  • I’m glad to have the opportunity to participate in this training and grow up in my profession.
  • I love how Justin included relevant information about what’s going today along with Black Lives Matter and privilege.
  • It was an entertaining meeting and I loved the games and the interaction between everybody.
  • It was the most interactive meeting I ever been on, I liked it.
  • Everything was amazing I enjoy it very much
  • I really enjoyed Justin’s comments. He was right on target.
  • I truly enjoy this training.
  • Great material and advice!
  • This workshop was excellent. I really enjoy being part of it thank you.
  • Great group interactions!
  • I like that the facilitators were able to create a safe environment where I was able to be comfortable speaking to people I didn’t know.
  • The trainers were very knowledgeable!  Thank you!
  • it was good to interact with individuals in other parts of the country.
  • I thought this training was great! It definitely taught me a lot and I will implement some of these things with my fellow PLs or even share them with other site coordinators in order to share my knowledge.
  • Thank you for your support, BOOST!
  • Great system, and quality information.


Jumpstarting Your ECE Career (6-3-20)
  • Very great tips when being in an interview.
  • The workshop provided tools that I can utilize.
  • This gave us the opportunity to be prepare and take advantage to grow up professionally.
  • Thank you for having this needed workshop led by Mr. Anthony Felix. I know I will benefit from taking it.  Will stay in touch through other Boost webinars.  Thanks!
  • I learned a new perspective appreciating this workshop and fine-tuning/sharpening my skills.
  • This information opened my eyes to a new horizon.
  • This workshop refreshed my mind about interviews since there are many years I have not being in an interview.
  • Excited to register for more BOOST workshops. I learned a new perspective on how change is important and a new approach to help others.
  • Good job BOOST!
  • Mr. Felix was upbeat and positive in giving us additional advice on how to find our niche as we go along with our careers.
  • Very informative training- thanks!


Kindness, Empathy & SEL (6-1-20)
  • This training came at a perfect time in uncertain days.
  • It was very informative and you made the space so welcoming enough for all of us to speak out.
  • At the end, Ryan made a very good point. At school, we as teachers need to be very patient with the children and treat them in the best possible way. Good point we don’t know how their life is back at home.
  • As Justin said, “Connection before content” is important. I need to show children and others that my kindness first and willingness to listen to them.
  • I was paired with Jodie for the sharing section and she was really inspirational to me in how she spoke and carried herself. I want to thank the entire team for allowing us to participate with your brilliant and wonderful minds. Thank you!!!
  • Thank you for a great training.
  • BOOST brought down the house today!
  • I have already recommended this workshop to a few of my coworkers.
  • I really liked the way the speakers did their presentations.
  • It was a great way to spend a couple of hours with others in the field.
  • This BOOST training was highly educational and also opened my eyes to a lot of ideas I had not thought about before when speaking with students who may have ACEs or cultural differences. I feel more enlightened to make a change within my own community based on what I learned today.
  • I am going to implement more activities with empathy, cultural humanity, and more relationship skills.
  • I will lead with compassion, patience, and think about other people’s struggles and life before judging.
  • Thank you BOOST, you did it AGAIN!


Facilitation 101: Hero Training by the Harry Potter Alliance (5-28-20)
  • Great workshop- thank you!
  • I liked the ideas provided by other colleagues and the leader was very confident and knew her material.
  • It was nice to hear other people’s problems and having other people offer their suggestions.
  • I`m definitely using the rules I like how the facilitator presented them.
  • I am learning more about myself when I am learning to become a leader.
  • Thank you!
  • My action items: to listen, to work on my use of my hands., and to Know I am not alone in this online distance learning.
  • I learned to be more confident, use closers, and be more engaging.
  • Learned to #1 create space for listening #2 Summarize the conversations in the room and reflect them back to the people #3 Lead the ship and steer the conversation.
  • Good information, appreciate this.


Mental Health & Self-Care (5-27-20)
  • I appreciate every single presenter.
  • Love, love, loved it!!!
  • It was a very interactive session. Positive experience.  I learned other ways to perceive myself.  This session reminded me, that I need time for myself and to reach out to friends. Once again, THANK YOU.
  • Great topic and participation
  • I loved how interactive it was.
  • The BOOST Cafe has a very informative, interactive, and fun method of teaching others how to mentally care for themselves and others.
  • You get to relax from home and enjoy learning!
  • I will take better care of myself to help others be better.
  • Thank you BOOST. I needed this workshop!
  • These trainings are THE BEST- we love BOOST!


BOOST Nation: Town Hall: Childcare Promising Practices (5-22-20)
  • You are amazing! Thank you for facilitating this conversation I have learned so much already. I love your leadership and advocacy.
  • Thank you! That was very informative!
  • Thank y’all so much.  This has been tremendously helpful.  Thank you, also, for pioneering care for kids!
  • Thank you, everyone!!!! I appreciated the chance to learn from all of you 🙂
  • You all have been super helpful. I really appreciate the information from those of you who have been there. Thank you!!!
  • This workshop was extremely informative and reassuring of what can be possible during these uncertain times!
  • I was very blessed to attend the You Matter training through BOOST’s Online Learning Community. I go to BOOST every year for professional development. It was a pleasure to have BOOST in my home virtually!
  • Awesome presentation!!!! It made me excited to move forward and collaborate more!


YOU MATTER: Re-designing Your Purpose in Our New Normal (5-21-20)
  • I greatly appreciate the safe space that was provided to all attendees.
  • It definitely was an eye-opening opportunity for me!
  • Too many children are normalizing depression, anxiety, self-harm, and settling with it. Introducing these subjects that BOOST provides is what is going to help those children, so thank you.
  • It was extremely gratifying and it made me reflect on my life experiences to help better myself.
  • I love how the activity is applicable to both students and adults. It is a great way to check-in and see how people are doing.
  • Thank you for all of your dedication and commitment.
  • I came into the training in hopes of additional resources and gained more insight for myself. I truly believe that we will have more challenges up ahead and the importance of social-emotional learning and well-being for our students and staff is paramount. Thank you for this great training.


STEM Activities & Experiences (5-20-20)
  • It was fun to be apart of the interaction! It left me wanting more. It journeyed me right to the BOOST Convention in my mind!!!
  • For a first-time Zoom presentation, the energy was through the roof!
  • I really enjoyed the training. It was really fun. Can’t wait to take more.
  • I love how interesting and interactive topics were, as well as how relevant they were to the programs I work for.
  • The speakers were great: Jason, Kellee, and Leslie…Dynamic presentations. Thank you!
  • Professional. On time. Interactive. Just what our team needed. Thank you!
  • I love the energy and passion and lesson plans were easy to follow.  Extra plus of visuals and auditory instructions.
  • I really enjoyed the enthusiasm that the presenters had with their lessons. The positive attitude definitely changes the mood and perception of the activities.
  • I loved the speakers’ energy and the tools they demonstrated, would LOVE more BOOST trainings.
  • Having been a licensed after school care provider for the last 17 years, BOOST to me is a necessary learning component for any child care/afterschool program. Their ability to provide best practice information, and connections from multiple providers from all over the country, gives us the opportunity to see what is working at other programs and that information is PRICELESS. The sharing of information is so helpful and allows us to learn from each other. BOOST lets providers know what cutting edge ideas are for programming to keep your program fresh and new, from showcasing the latest educational manipulatives, to outdoor equipment, and activities. Now they are providing online trainings and learning communities. I can’t say enough about how this style of learning fits childcare and afterschool programs so effectively. Thank you BOOST!

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