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civic education

Today is Election Day.

And while we have read, watched, discussed and likely studied candidates, policies, and perspectives, our civic education shouldn’t slow down after this important date. As educators, we have the opportunity to creatively teach and engage young people in civic education.

Heather Loewecke, Senior Program Manager, Afterschool and Youth Leadership Initiatives at Asia Society has written a timely piece, Civics Education is the Foundation for Global Citizenship, that we highly encourage you to read and take hold of the resources provided within the article.

Here are a few stats that emerge from this piece:

civic education

In response to this staggering statistics, Heather shares the benefits of civic education, what’s being done in education settings, and additional resources.

In addition to this resource-filled piece, Asia Society has also created a companion unit plan overview sheet for afterschool workers. Be sure to visit their site to access this valuable resource! Let us know what your program is doing to engage youth in civic education?

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