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Gender Responsiveness

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Inclusion and Respect: GLSEN Resources for Educators

GLSEN’s resources include educator guides, LGBT-Inclusive curriculum, and lesson plans on bullying, bias, and diversity.

Gender Pronouns

Guide to using gender pronouns.

Students and Gender Identity – USC Rossier

As visibility for transgender and gender non-conforming communities increases across the United States, so does the need to create inclusive spaces — especially in today’s schools.  Gender identity is defined as one’s personal experience of one’s gender and is separate from their biological sex. Creating safe school environments that support students on the spectrum of gender identity is a facet of inclusive, culturally responsive teaching.

To address this need, USC Rossier has created “Students and Gender Identity: A Guide for Schools,” which is a collection of tools and resources to support conversations surrounding gender identity in the classroom. Through this guide, we hope to help teachers, school counselors and school communities work together to create a safe and nurturing school climate for all students.

INEE Guide to Gender Equality in and through Education

This handbook has useful principles for a gender-responsive approach to guide all education programming, and provides responses to some of the most common misconceptions and arguments against gender-responsive education. It gives concrete strategies and actions for putting gender equality into practice in the major domains of education in emergencies. Finally, key gender terms and a selection of resources are listed at the end of the Pocket Guide.

IREX: Developing Gender-Responsive Learning Environments

This toolkit was piloted with more than 200 teachers from over 50 countries who participated in either the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program or the International Leaders in Education Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State and implemented by IREX. The toolkit focuses on practical tools that individual teachers can put to immediate use in their classrooms.

Gender Responsive Agricultural Development Program

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation created gender responsive agricultural development programs in international communities.

Highly-trained advocates offer support, information and advocacy to young people who have questions or concerns about their dating relationships. We also provide information and support to concerned friends and family members, teachers, counselors, service providers and members of law enforcement. Free and confidential phone, live chat and texting services are available 24/7/365.

Website that provides information on preventing youth from doing drugs.

Raising Boys

Article on how to more effectively nurture boys in modern society.

Coaching Boys into Men

Provides athletic coaches with resources to promote respectful behavior and prevent relationship abuse, harassment, and sexual assault

7 Positive Phrases We Should be Teaching American Boys About Masculinity

Comprehensive article on how society should be framing masculinity for boys in a more positive and effective manner.

Health and Social Resource for Adolescent Girls

In depth resource site for adolescent girls, approach is fun, clear, and reliable. Covers topics from body issues, periods, dating, and friendships.