Discover ZTAG – an innovative platform fostering Healthy Habits and Bright Minds. Our unique platform combines active play and immersive learning, promoting face-to-face interactions.

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Company Bio

ZTAG was founded by tech entrepreneur Quan Gan and Stan Liu, a parent, professional DJ, and civil servant. They recognized the potential of technology to bring people together but also acknowledged the challenges it poses, such as increasing digital addiction and dependence. With their backgrounds in experiential entertainment, working with major theme parks and entertainment venues, the founders sought to engage kids using the very elements they love: video games.

ZTAG is based on the most popular game on the planet, tag, which is a fundamental human activity that has existed in every civilization. Kids love to run and chase, as it is baked into our fundamental nature. In the 21st century, kids also love technology. ZTAG’s mission is to meet kids where they are and use technology to fight social and physical behavior challenges, bringing them back to face-to-face interactions and emphasizing humanity while leveraging technology. The company aims to use the very technology that many of us are addicted to and channel it in a positive way to bring engagement and create community.

ZTAG’s history began with Quan Gan, the inventor and co-founder, developing interactive technologies for theme parks, museums, and many public venues. These interactive techs included fully immersive experiences like haunted houses, dark rides, and interactive elements within those. After becoming a father, he started creating games that brought people together. In one of these games, he witnessed a profound shift in some of the kids’ behavior. Kids who used to be shy and not engaged started expressing themselves in real life and came out of their shells.

Seeing this transformation, Quan Gan partnered with Stan Liu, a parent, professional DJ, and civil servant who also saw the impact of these games. Together, they have been working to bring ZTAG to market to enable more kids to socially engage.

The original ZTAG game was a zombie-themed game with a Halloween twist, but later on, the company pivoted to create “tag for Gen Z” to get the next generation moving. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, ZTAG has deep roots in creating engaging experiences. In the past two years, the company has moved into the educational market, recognizing the need for their product in this sector.

ZTAG has industrialized its product, bringing simplicity and ease of use while being able to deliver both the educational and entertainment content needed for the youth. The company continues to work towards its mission of using technology to promote social engagement and physical activity among the next generation.

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