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West Coast Edutainment Inc.

West Coast Edutainment Inc. sells SEL curriculum for 1st - 12th graders. We use original music and video as the textbook and projects as learning tools.

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Company Bio

Entertainment comes in many forms and I love all of them.  I have always loved music.  My favorite has been message music.  That is any song that tells a story or teaches a lesson.  I began writing poetry in elementary school.  Recently, I have written the lyrics to 14 songs.  Most of them have a great dance beat, thanks to Dr. Al White.  I also have a lot of practical experience in drama.  I ran a drama club for 10 years.  We performed hundreds of engagements in 4 states.  I wrote many skits and performed a bit.
By profession I am a teacher with 23 years of experience.  I have a doctorate in special education and psychology and have taught in almost every educational setting (including the general education classroom).  I have taught students from kindergarten level to those working on a masters degree.

I am passionate about helping people live fulfilled lives.  Steps to being fulfilled include living your “dream lifestyle” and pursuing your “purpose in live.”  While working on my doctorate, I discovered that satisfying and gainful employment plays a big roll in our happiness.  I also discovered that a major part of successful employment (and success in other areas of life) heavily depend on social emotional, personal, and other non academic skills.
It is my dream and pleasure to help young people acquire social emotional, personal, employment, and other skills through music, drama and other entertaining avenues.

I love to have fun and I love success.

The creator is Dr. Ricardo McKinney, Jr

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