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Parker-Anderson Enrichment

Parker-Anderson Enrichment has a diverse set of kids programs. Our motto is “Fun Comes First,” our intention is to educate through hands-on learning.

  • Common Core

Company Bio

With over thirty years of experience teaching, Parker-Anderson leads in Southern California after-school enrichment programs. Parker-Anderson Enrichment has offered the most diverse selection of kids programs that any enrichment company has to offer. Our motto is “Fun Comes First,” we intend to educate through hands-on learning, and we hope that students around the world can share our abundant array of classes.

Our classes are a great way for students to keep socially distant but emotionally and intellectually connected. We look forward to being an integral part of in-person and remote learning by providing a line up of live and interactive classes! Parker-Anderson Enrichment classes are engaging and fun adapted for all grades, STEAM-focused, and aligned to K-8th Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Our lessons bring your textbooks to life, and provide a much-needed social opportunity for kids!

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