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E2 Energy to Educate Grants

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.

  • $30,000 - $100,000




Identify a project that reaches at least 100 students and aligns with the Constellation Energy to Educate Innovation Themes:

Smart Home
• How will new technologies & artificial intelligence transform our home energy usage in the future? More and more, homes are generating their own electricity and interactive technology is becoming a part of our daily lives.
• Sample topics: Onsite generation, Smart Home Energy Tech, Voice & Gesture Interfaces, Home Energy Data

• What will the future of transportation look like? New technologies can power us into a cleaner energy future via electrification.
• Sample topics: Electric Vehicles, Electric Buses, Electric Charging Infrastructure, Fuel Conversions

Clean Energy & Zero Waste
• How do we understand which energy sources & choices will have the greatest impact on our collective and individual carbon footprint? What if we could harness and store energy that would otherwise be wasted?
The recycling & storage movement is catching on in energy thanks to innovative technologies.
• Sample topics: Low Carbon Energy, Clean Energy Sources, Waste to Energy, Combined Cycle, Biomass,
Energy Storage, Fuel Cells