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The Center for Global Education at Asia Society

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The Center for Global Education at Asia Society works to ensure that the next generation of K-12 students in the United States is prepared for college, the global workforce, and civic engagement. In the out-of-school time sector, we provide training and technical assistance to state and city-wide afterschool networks and intermediary organizations; train afterschool staff and directors to help them implement global learning as a quality improvement measure; and leverage connections to in-school learning through the development of expanded learning models.

Our goals are to:

  1. Build capacity of the US afterschool field to implement global learning as a strategy for program quality improvement
  2. Develop competency-based school models and collaborative school-community partnerships that award credit to students for global learning in afterschool programs and out-of-school time
  3. Advance systems-level integration of 21st century competencies that out-of-school and community-based learning programs promote, and which students need to be successful in the US and internationally (where they are variously referred to as social and emotional skills, life skills, character education, citizenship education, etc.).


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