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Physical Activity Curriculum

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Action for Healthy Kids

There are multiple ways to reduce and prevent childhood obesity and undernourishment.  Action for Healthy Kids is dedicated to work with schools, families and communities to help underprivileged kids learn to be healthier and ready to learn.

Teaching Ideas

On this website is a complete list of activities and games that students might enjoy in a physical education class provides resources for physical education and sports training to teachers.

Take Time! Activity in Schools

The programs outlined in this document highlight the research tested and proven effective or reviewed and considered to be a promising practice for physical education.

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Sports news, games, cartoons, and fantasy sports leagues for youth. The video section includes various sports tips and tricks from professional sports players.


Sports coaches and physical educators can use this website to find nutrition and tips on physical activity.


Here, teachers can learn how to create, implement, and evaluate new physical education practices.


Teachers can share their individual lesson plans and ideas with others about how to keep students interested in physical education with activities and other resources.

Presidential Youth Fitness Program

This fitness guide is a resource that ensures students success before, after, and during the fitness tests they take at school.

Physical Games & Activities for Groups

Browse through various games and group activities for elementary students.  Activities require a very few materials and very little preparation time.

Physical Education Update

This resource adds “pizazz” to Physical Education Programs with secret tips of the trade and access to hundreds of relevant articles.

Physical Education Lesson Plans

Here are important safety considerations when teaching Physical Education.