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You Are Changing Lives!

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Every day I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to work with such amazing people who are doing such incredible work!

Whether I’m consulting with program directors, meeting with leadership members, talking with colleagues or visiting sites, my passion is continually re-ignited, my sense of purpose is re-confirmed and my commitment to doing my best to make a difference in the world is strengthened. I’m blessed to be a messenger but it is you who are creating the messages. So, I’d like to remind you of some of the things that you may not have had time to think about.

First and foremost: You are changing lives!

Students are doing better in school and in life – and it matters. Many are getting better grades and higher test scores and, most importantly, are more enthusiastic about learning. They’re communicating more positively, solving problems more creatively and making decisions more effectively. They’re taking advantage of new opportunities, experiencing new ways of looking at the world and acquiring new skills. Their self-confidence is soaring and their self-esteem is growing and they’re becoming the kind of constructive risk-takers that will serve them well in the years ahead.

Because your programs are offered free of charge, parents are able to enter and remain in the workplace and become more financially secure. They’re more productive during the late afternoon hours because they know their children are in a safe, positive learning environment, and much happier in the evenings when they don’t have the stress of trying to help with homework. You’re improving and changing lives.

You are bringing millions of dollars into your communities, building partnerships with schools, non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies and changing the complexion of neighborhoods.

You’re creating millions of dollars in cost savings by lowering juvenile crime, increasing student attendance during the school day and combating the childhood obesity crisis by changing students’ eating habits and helping them be more physically active. All of this is huge! It’s what you do every day…and it’s why I love you and am so grateful to you for making such a difference in my life and in the world!

Breakfast? Not yet. I grabbed a coffee and am on my way to the airport to fly to Wyoming to do a key note speech at their statewide conference. But, I’ll get fruit and oatmeal when I arrive!

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