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Ratataz / Real Science-4-Kids

Ratataz, in partnership with Real Science-4-Kids, offers a comprehensive line of science kits and curriculum for schools and after school programming.

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Company Bio

Rebecca Woodbury Keller, creator of Real Science-4-Kids and Ratataz, has offered award-winning K-8 science curriculum since 2002. Focusing on sequenced learning and information retention methods, this is the most logical approach to science education on the market. We believe that content, sequence, and critical thinking matter. With a full line of Lexile-scored science readers available for early science learners, Real Science-4-Kids partnered with Ratataz to create a comprehensive line of science kits for schools and after school programming.

Bring real science concepts to younger students with the Ratataz science kit program. Students can see, touch, and experience real science. Ratataz streamlines science education for educators, making science simple. Ratataz not only provides a streamlined curriculum kit program, but also offers a robust scholarship award program.


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