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A La Kart Marketing

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Company Bio

A La Kart Marketing originated out of the idea that every business deserves a professional marketer. We saw that many businesses fell into, what we call, the marketing black hole, where they can’t afford a big agency or a full-time $90k/year pro AND they don’t have time or expertise to do it themselves. Our concept is simple, we come in and fill that gap.

Our name originated from the idea that, through an initial consultation, our prospective clients are given an “a la carte” menu of items that we see will have the biggest impact on their company. We don’t waste time/money on large drawn out marketing plans. Our clients pick & choose what they want based on their budget and our recommendation, similar to choosing sides at a fine-dining restaurant.

We welcome companies with any budget to start their marketing journey with us. If we are exactly what you are looking for, give us a call, we would love to meet you.

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  • 2305 Meade Ave. #2 San Diego, CA