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EduCare Foundation

EduCare provides exemplary transformational education, SEL programs, expanded learning programs for youth and professional development for districts, schools and expanded learning practitioners.

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Company Bio

In 1987, EduCare President and Co-Founder, Stu Semigran, piloted the ACE (Achievement and Commitment to Excellence) Program, a heart-centered, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program, in one middle school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The success and impact of that pilot led to its implementation in schools throughout the country, and EduCare has grown into a far-reaching, non-profit serving our communities’ youth. From 1995-2000, EduCare was one of five lead training agencies contracted by LAUSD to serve 70+ schools and children centers as part of the LEARN Annenberg School Reform. In 2009, EduCare was contracted to serve as the after-school provider at seven high schools through LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell Branch (BTB). Today, EduCare manages and provides comprehensive daily After-School Programs on the campuses of 24 high schools and middle schools, annually serving over 30,000 students in the greater Los Angeles area. Each year, over 50 schools throughout Los Angeles participate in EduCare’s signature ACE Program, reaching over 6,000 students with impactful SEL skills development training. EduCare’s Professional Development provides school educators, administrators, and expanded learning professionals with the tools, techniques, and resources to create a safe and caring classroom environment that fosters tolerance, creativity, and improved student learning.


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