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Making Sense with Stories

Let’s face it. None of us expected to be living in a sci-fi thriller during 2020: COVID pandemic, civil unrest, election disputes, distance learning, economic struggles, and the list goes on. How do we make sense out of the chaos? Stories. Bruno Bettleheim studied fairy tales, and he asserts that these fantastical stories offer children “ideas on how to bring their inner house into order.” Think of Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Ugly Duckling. These tales paint a picture of good ...Read More

Who Do We Need To Become For Our Children’s Sake?

How often do we take the time to focus on ourselves? Focus on our dreams, visions, and desires… Unless we are intentional about creating the life we want, we will not take the time to develop our emotional intelligence to match our personal passions in life. Not minding your own emotional intelligence can create havoc and upset with the people closest to you, especially with your children. Our role in the youth development world is to develop our children’s social and emotional capac...Read More

The Student and The Teacher

For the past year and half, our team has been working to transform the organizational culture of large educational systems. Though deep and profound as a sentence, we have found that this transformation essentially begins with oneself.  Simple to say and write.  A lifetime to do and practice.  And yet many times we are often asked, “This is great stuff…. But when are we going to get to the real work?”  The Personal Mastery needed to lead and transform large educational systems (especially instit...Read More

Overcoming Obstacles: Successful Media Strategies to Share Impact

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to author @jillgordon for sharing the third of four webinars from the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana’s 2017 webinar series designed to promote next-gen leadership and giving opportunities. Today’s post focuses on how student voice makes a powerful difference and social impact when telling stories through journaling, blogging, vlogging, and social media.  And keep your eyes open in July for the next special webinar from Youth Philanthropy Initiat...Read More

Storytelling for Success: Promoting Your Program

“A story is a fact wrapped in an emotion that compels us to take an action that transforms our world. Telling them (customers, colleagues, bosses) stories, and listening to theirs, is the best way to promote your services and ideas… Stories are the irreducible core, the fire inside every business.” – Richard Maxwell In my own organization, this year has been the year of storytelling. Everyone in the organization has been focused on documenting success, gathering data, and...Read More