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Do You Believe In The Power Of Music?

“Do you believe in the power of music?” is a question continually asked on the band BER’s Facebook page. Who is BER? What…you aren’t familiar with the world of Teen Titans GO!? Well, a quick backstory for you. BER is a little-known studio band that charted atop the Billboard Hot Rock with “The Night Begins to Shine,” an 80’s-style song that was sitting in a music library until it will be plucked up, used in an episode of the cartoon, and then kept growing into its own 4-part cartoon special abou...Read More

The Music of Life:  An Ode to the World

I was thinking recently about how two of my favorite sounds in the world are completely different. The first is the sound of birds singing and chirping—particularly the spring birds in the early morning. The second is the sound of an Indy race car as it speeds around the track. I love both of these sounds so much. Yet one is so gentle and the other is so strong. It seems like they should be in opposition to each other. But in reality I think they are examples of the stunning beauty of this world...Read More

Music and Arts Programs are NOT Frills

Music is a language that kindles the human spirit, sharpens the mind, fuels the body, and fills the heart. – Erik Jensen The arts are far closer to the core of education than are the more exalted subjects. – Abraham Maslow In this era of standards and accountability, arts are increasingly viewed as a frill and removed from school curriculum. Brain research suggests that arts can lay a foundation for academic and career success. Science, mathematics, and language require complex cognitive a...Read More

Listen! There is Music in that Breakfast You are Focusing On!

I am a music lover. I have found that in life, there is always music if you listen for it. There is music in the rain and in the wind, music in my old Volvo that had no radio but the windshield wipers that kept the tempo and the old, squeaking chassis that played a melody, and around here, even the crickets play Reggae. As far back as I can remember, I have been drumming on things. Drumming on pots and pans, on books and on desks, on lampposts and flagpoles, or setting up sleeping bags and sleep...Read More