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Meet the BOOST Leadership Team

Meet the BLT: Becky Shultz

Meet the BLT: Becky Shultz

Becky Shultz
Director of Expanded Learning, WCSD – Reach For The Stars program, Whittier, CA

Who or what inspires you?

People who are looking for ways to be kind and help others inspire me.

Why do you work in this field?

I work in this field because it gives me the opportunity to give youth all of the things they don’t normally have access to. We have the privilege of being able to help produce globally responsible citizens who receive a well-rounded education.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? 

I know this is cliche, but, Mother Teresa.  She has inspired me for most of my life. Her example of a selfless life motivates me to look for ways to be grateful every day, and help in any way that I can.  Her life also inspires me to look for ways to teach youth about giving and becoming globally responsible.

What are you doing to ensure that you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I’m part of many committees and groups that discuss the quality of our work and vision. The BOOST Leadership Team provides me the opportunity to collaborate with leaders from organizations who educate youth.  This collaboration has helped me grow in more ways than I can count.

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

Decisions about vision and direction are most important.  We are working on a 3-5 year strategic plan that will result in a program that is sustainable and able to serve more youth every year.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? 

I’m waiting for Orange is the New Black, Love, and Better Call Saul. I just finished The Crown and sometimes watch British mysteries or comedy specials.

Why are you a part of the BOOST Leadership Team?

I joined the BLT to keep current with new trends and ideas. It’s important to surround myself with like-minded professionals who believe in teaching youth how to make this world a better place.


For breakfast, I had a coconut macchiato coffee drink and a blueberry scone (not healthy).





Author: @bshultz

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