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So, Maybe I Don’t Have It All Together…

So, Maybe I Don’t Have It All Together…

So, maybe I don’t have it all together…

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The sound of little feet running through the room.

“Walking feet,” I automatically shout.

“Do we have more paper?”

“Where are the scissors?”

“Ms. Lexi, Ms. LEXI!”

These sounds surround me.

The Issue

I don’t always answer every question correctly. I often forget to buy more paper. And, I can’t hold twenty conversations at the same time (despite my kids’ best efforts to help me with that). But today I am choosing to be thankful that I don’t have to have it all together.

Now, that is NOT a typical Lexi statement. I love order, and lists, and general lack of chaos. I am definitely a type A personality.  Almost everything I own is color coded, and I enjoy knowing exactly how my day is going to go and what to expect. Unfortunately, life rarely plays out like that.

Maybe this describes you. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you’re a type B personality and color coding is a waste of time. You might “organize” in piles, or make plans on the go. But, even if you’re not like me and don’t like to have life all planned out, I bet you still have days where the unexpected catches you off guard.

You’ve probably heard the quote, “It’s not the situation. It’s your reaction to the situation.” How many times have I said this to one of my kiddos? I ask myself, ‘am I listening to my own advice?’

Having it all together ALL of the time is a goal that I can strive for, but can never truly achieve, and I’m learning that’s ok. Those moments where life seems a little bit like it’s swirling out of control are the moments where I grow and learn the most.

What I Am Learning

I’m learning to cherish those times.

Never in the school year do things seem quite so out of control as they do during this last month. Our schedule is crazy, everyone is trying to fit in the end of the year activities, and kids and staff alike are squirming for summer break. If it’s possible for 13 days of school to sound like the shortest and longest thing ever, that’s what I’m currently feeling. But, I am determined to make the most of these last 13 days. I’m planning (because, honestly, I can’t help it), but I’m also taking each day in stride, knowing that there’s a 100% chance that my plans are going to have to change.

My after school kiddos are bursting with ideas about programming, and when I plan less, I can hear these more. They have stories to share, opinions to give, and creative ideas to pursue.
And your kiddos have stories, opinions and ideas to share too!

The Challenge

When you look back on your year, I challenge you to spend time reflecting on the most challenging moments. How did YOU react? In what ways did moments of struggle become moments of success? How can this guide you as you wrap up this year and start planning for the next?

Let’s start taking the advice we daily give our kids. Let’s change negative experiences into times of growth. And, let’s always choose to be thankful for the times that we don’t have it all together.

Oh, and for breakfast I had a large skinny vanilla latte. The end of the school year also requires a lot of caffeine 😉

Author: @lexiwolkow

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Lexi is a Site Facilitator at The University of Missouri’s Adventure Club – a before and after school program that is in each of Columbia, Missouri’s 21 elementary schools. Over the last two years, she has worked at four different sites and has seen a whole range of programs and students. Currently, she is the facilitator for a program that consists of 90 of the most fun kiddos she has ever met and loves doing life alongside them and their families. In her free time, Lexi drinks way too much coffee, listens to CDs on repeat, and reads the latest in YA fiction books.

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  1. Hang in there, Lexi! Summer is so close, but I loved that your blog challenged us to reflect on how we react to everyday situations…especially in times of stress. We could all do a little more of that. Thanks for sharing!

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