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In My Element…Tips From A ‘New’ Edu- Entrepreneur

In My Element…Tips From A ‘New’ Edu- Entrepreneur

I am a “creative.” In my first career, I was an actor, some call us hustlers, I was a part-time job expert and a person who enjoyed working for herself. Some people call that an entrepreneur. After a not so painful departure from the acting world (that’s another story), I walked into the education world. Education is definitely home. But what wasn’t home was working for other organizations that had glass ceilings, politics, bureaucracy, and limitations. I am absolutely NOT talking about the people I worked with who are the mentors I was fortunate enough to have had, or those who showed me leadership, or the leadership training I received. I am talking about systems that held me back from being seen, heard, or using my creativity. 

Photo Credit Donny Faaliliu, LA- After School All Stars Training, October 2018

In recent months, I’ve decided to start my own education company. I have taken a tremendous risk, I have partnered with someone who is truly like-minded, and I have been excitedly able to use my own ideas without needing an approval from a higher up (but not without counsel), what freedom for a creative person like me! I have been working on being acutely aware of when creativity enters my mind, body, and spirit.  As I continue with my new venture, I want to keep my mind clear and my heart open. Being aware of my own gifts in a creative space allows me to stay present and able to capitalize on these extraordinary moments.  Below are four self-taught and a few learned tips that have helped me foster and nurture my creativity:

1. WRITE IT: use a napkin, a pad, a post-it, a composition notebook, voice to text it, text it, make lists, capture it, by any means necessary! (This idea was always within me, but then I listened to Seth Godin’s CD, Linchpin, and found that I wasn’t the only one!)

2. CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO THINK REALLY BIG. Dream. Be fearless. Think of what you CAN do rather than the limitations – and then, go back to #1: WRITE IT! I am a huge TR (Tony Robbins) fan, I listen to his CD’s while on the road, in my car, and find yummy morsels of inspiration all the time.

3. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION. When IT happens, don’t stop. Pull off the road to capture it, pause in the middle of a conversation to write it. Keep working on it if it’s flowing. Stay up late when energized. THERE IS NO CURFEW FOR IDEAS.

4. RECOGNIZE IT. I have been utterly amazed at my capacity, endurance, and awareness. Think of moments in your life where ‘the team worked,’ what did you produce? When you become a receptacle for creativity, you manifest ideas and energy in a way where it becomes magical. To be able to find moments and connect to them intentionally … it is serendipitous.

Because when the product of your efforts looks like this, it’s just really great to feel excited and energized by creativity! TRY IT!

Creekside, MS, Los Banos, CA

Cleveland After-School All-Stars, Cleveland, OH

Creekside MS, Los Banos, CA






For Breakfast, I had coffee with MTC oil, that is all. 

Author: @juliagabor

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