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Dream, Baby, Dream

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As you may know, I am privileged to do school assemblies across the country speaking to all kinds of students. Even when I start driving onto the school campus I begin to feel those “dad emotions” coming up in me. I want to hug every person. I want to spend hours with each of them individually just to hear their story. They’re all–every one of them–amazing kids.

We all do what we do because we believe in young adults.

They are packed with potential and need someone they respect to pull that potential out of them. In fact, there’s a dream, or dreams, buried inside. Let’s start uncovering buried dreams and building world changing dreamers! We’ll do it, one person at a time…

Ever have a gifted kid under your care? You know, the ones that seem to have it together beyond the others? They’re the students you look at and think, “The only thing that could hold them back in life is them.” They have the basic gifts to do anything they set their hearts to do, but are missing that primary piece– And that’s guidance.

They come up to you all about that big thing they want to do with their life. Too few people tell them they can actually do it. Even if it is to be president or something like that. A young man a few weeks ago told me that when he grew up he wanted to work at Taco Bell. Well, that’s a bit easier to help him achieve.

Here are a few questions you can ask to help your student achieve the biggest dreams possible.

It will also help them to think it through. And remember, encourage them every step of the way. You may be the only voice like that in their life. Crazy, huh? Remember to walk them through the answer if they haven’t thought that far. Odds are, they haven’t. Hey coach! Don’t forget to train as you go. Enjoy!

Question #1: Where’s the dream come from? When did it start?

Question #2: How do you plan on being an expert in that field? Planning to go to college or a school?

Question #3: How do you think your dream can impact people’s lives for good?

Question #4: How do you plan to get the money to do this? Thought about grants, loans, partners?

Question #6: How can I help you achieve this dream?

This post originally appeared on the BOOST Breakfast Club Blog on February 1, 2010.

For breakfast this morning, I had French toast, eggs and bacon, potatoes with cheese, and fresh squeezed orange juice seaside as Konos Café in Mission Beach, watching surfers do cutbacks on five-foot waves.

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